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  1. Over the air update

    With COVID my Punk'n sits more than it gets used. I drove to work today, first time in 3 weeks, and I got the update message as well. Being in Cybersecurity my little "check engine" light went of in my head wondering how this was done securely over the air and what options do I have if I don't...
  2. Maryland WTB Rubi OEM Front bumper

    If you notice my Avatar I have access to 3000 acres of mountain in West Virginia. I hunt bear, deer, turkey etc. there. We travel a lot of old logging trails and dead fall can be bolcking the way. If I don't have a chain saw with me, a winch would help clear the trail. That's my logic and I'm...
  3. Maryland WTB Rubi OEM Front bumper

    And you with your build as well!
  4. Maryland WTB Rubi OEM Front bumper

    Steel. To mount a winch on.
  5. Maryland WTB Rubi OEM Front bumper

    I'm in the Marland, Virginia, DC (DMV) area. Thanks
  6. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    I'm a neophyte when it comes to electricity. *BUT* with some guidance I usually figure it out *AND* do a great job incouding fit anf finish. Can you enlighten me as to how the busbar works? Where vehicle power is applied and how you match up + and - of each device on it? If you ever need help...
  7. Can Someone Tell Me..

    1. I have the same configuration. 2. Can someone tell me why, after I remote start my 2019 JLUS (dealer installed after I bought but as part of the sale negotiation) and push in the brake for the first time, every once in a while the car just shuts off? Fuel levels impact this.
  8. Banks Power - Ram Air Intake

    How was the installation process? I read the manual and it looked fairly well documented.
  9. Would you let your 16 year old have a Jeep?

    My 17 year old daughter, who has her learners, is pestering me to drive my Jeep. My answer is simple: "When your mother drives the Jeep, you can drive the Jeep." My wife has NO interest in driving the Jeep. I think I'm safe.
  10. Banks Power - Ram Air Intake

    @AnnDee4444 My cc is burning a hole in my pocket. The reason it is still in my pocket is because I don't see any dyno #'s for HP gain/loss.
  11. DIY Overhead Accessory and Rifle Mount

    So sorry to hear about your tragic boating accident. There seems to be a rash of that going on lately. I wonder if extreme laws should be enacted to require extensive training prior to using boats. Or maybe boats should be outlawed. I like the cross bar idea. Mine is a JKUS and 99% of the...
  12. Change cup underneath emergency brake handle. Bad design?

    I have a pin ball from a pin ball machine there. Think David and Goliath. I have the cotter from my trailer hitch there also and it keeps the ball from rolling around.
  13. What Would the Bronco Have to Do to Win You Over

    My dad was a Ford guy. I learned to drive in a Gran Torino with a hurst 4 speed, holly 4 barrell carb, cleveland 351 engine and a positrac rear. It was all a 17 year old skinny H.S. kid could do to press the clutch in let alone keep the car in a straight line when I mashed the gas pedal harder...
  14. Bucket seats causing significant discomfort - seat modification called for?

    My wife has the same issue (pictured). It got so bad that I now have her hanging in the garage by her thoracic bones. Seriously, sadly vehicles are designed for the average person with average height, weight and social skills. They don't take into account special people like you and I who...
  15. Question for those WITHOUT the LED Package

    You took the thoughts out of my fertile brain. I plan on doing exactly this. Then you also don't have to spend extra money buying the stupid re-programming tool just to dink around with lights.
  16. Dealer on crack

    My dealer (remains anon-e-moose in case they read this stuff) had a couple instant rock crawlers on their lot also. They caught my eye for a second because, admittedly, they were pretty-big fancy wheels, nice knobby tires, blingy lights, kool paint accents, and external toys like shovels, full...
  17. Worst windshields in history?!?

    This was my first thought when I started reading the thread. There are the fluke situations when a projectile seemingly appears out of nowhere but most of my windscreen blemishes were because I followed to closely.
  18. Sun Visor Broken

    My dealer replaced mine under warranty. He should me on the invoice that the current part number is 6 iterations beyond the original! Guess subsequent designs weren't cutting it either. I hope my version is good.
  19. Limited edition Jeep Willy’s

    It almost made it to the end of the shortened track. Almost. Lol
  20. Limited edition Jeep Willy’s

    My wife and I lead a large group of children at our church in a program called Awana. Annually we have an event, called the Grand Prix, that is very similar to the Boy Scouts pinewood derby. We sold 140 cars this year so the event was sizeable. We compete in two classes, design and speed. We...