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  1. DIY writeup / instructions: mounting backup lights in the spare tire....

    @MacJack - Thanks so much for the write up. I did my Sport S the exact same way with the KC Hilites and Wow what a difference they make. I don’t know why I put this off for so long. Probably because it’s been too damn cold.
  2. JLU soft top

    Nice looking M38A1. I had one as my daily driver in college. It started what my kids refer to as my Jeep problem!! Mine was a ‘53 USMC version. I drove it for 2 years without a heater. I wish I still had it but I got tired of driving everywhere at 45 MPH!
  3. Need suggestions for side mirrors

    I had these for my JK. I like them a lot. The welds are good and they have a good looking powder coat finish. I modified them slightly to work with on my JL. They have JL specific ones out now.
  4. 6 speed 1st to 2nd shift

    Yes the batteries are set up the same way but the ESS only operates if your in neutral and you let the clutch out. I don’t find it entrusive at all. I use it when I want to not every time the Jeep comes to a stop. The only time I turn ESS off is when I’m in a fast food line or something like...
  5. Custom Tiffany Badging & Interior Accents

    Travis - Have you looked at the new vendor here There stuff looks really good. It’s not cheap but quality rarely is. I’m not sure about Tiffany Blue but give them a look if you haven’t already.
  6. KC Area dealer flash cost

    Has anyone in the KC area had a dealer flash their Jeep and what did it cost? Speaking of that what are your experiences with different service departments around town. My rear defroster has come unsoldered and I’m starting to feel a definite wobble in the steering after a year and 11k miles.
  7. KC area Meet and Greet

    Did anyone go to the car show this weekend? I just got back and the rubicon gladiator looks really good!! Too bad they wouldn’t let me inside of it
  8. Anyone use JPeggz mirror/foot peg when going doorless?

    I don’t have these ones but the aero piece is kind of ugly to me. I have these I bought these for my JK and had to modified them slightly to fit the JL. They are very simple and I like they way they look better than the Jpeggz ones
  9. Maryland Factory Mopar LED Headlights

    I will take them. Pm sent
  10. Guess the fluid...

    My guess would be brake fluid. It’s too far outboard to be shocks. What does it smell like?
  11. European style Jeep wheels

    Those are great looking wheels but they’re not cheap!!
  12. Need help! Swapped out oem halogens for oem LED's

    Have your dad pull some off for me too!
  13. Need help! Swapped out oem halogens for oem LED's

    Mopar LED Take-Offs- Highbeam and Halo Issue Search for this thread. I have no idea how to link it.
  14. Manual Shift Knob - Loose and rocking side to side... slightly

    Mine has the same small side to side play in it since I bought it.
  15. LED Tail Lights

    @smtp295 Yes they are plug and play. No resistors or anything else needed. I’ve had mine installed since May and it’s one of my favorite mods. The LED reverse lights aren’t great at all but a little tap on the brakes lights everything up in red! Make sure and order the ones without the BSM.
  16. Mopar LED Take-Offs- Highbeam and Halo Issue

    @hive85 Did you fix the flicker with your OEM LED fogs with that anti-flicker device as well. Mine flicker like you described when I let off the gas and when it’s cold. I haven’t had the time to chase it down yet. I like your work around on the LED headlights. Now I just need to find some...
  17. Introducing Inspired Engineering JL Headlight kits!

    @InspiredEngineering Are there plans to sell just the brackets for the conversion? I have a set of JW Speakers from my JK that I would like to use? Would your brackets work with those headlights?
  18. LED Headlight Option! Are they worth it? (Lab tests)

    Nick - Any more updates on the SL2’s? Also I was on your website today and say the HID conversion bulbs. What’s your customer response on those and how they perform in the halogen housings? Sam
  19. Can I add LED tail lights to my Sport S???

    I’ve had my LED tail lights installed since late May and they are great!! No problems with them at all. Yes it’s just unbolt then unplug the old ones and plug in and re-bolt in the LED ones. Nothing else. It’s about a 15 minute install tops and if you’re thinking about putting on the Mopar...