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  1. 3rd Brake Light wire location?

    I’m looking for the location of the 3rd brake light wire . The place it ties into the brake light housing before the turn signal. Or which wire will be the tap on so that my third brake light won’t flash with the turn signal. Thanks
  2. Pennsylvania JW Speaker Fog

  3. Pennsylvania JW Speaker Fog

    It’s not for a pair . I only have one so if you already have these and need a replacement.
  4. Right rear tow hook.

    Does anyone know if the 2021 Rubicon’s can add a right rear res row hook?
  5. Wheel Spacers for JL

    Thanks! Got them ordered. Expensive suckers.
  6. Wheel Spacers for JL

    What spacers did you use. Anything under 1.5 is a different bolt thread for the Jl. I need it to be M14 all around. I read all 5 pages but can you tell me the exact model number that uses the M14 stud? Thanks
  7. JK wheel spacers to JL? Cancel question!!

    So I don’t want thick spacers and I know the jk uses 1/2x20 bolts. If the jk spacers fit the Jl m14 studs, can you use m14 open end lugs and use 1/2x20 acorn nuts to fasten the wheel. It’s a 21 rubicon using factory wheels. And it appears the factory wheels have a deep enough pocket to accept...
  8. Possible bent wheel via balance?

    You’re right. Apparently they didn’t have a problem balancing the other 4 . Who knows. It may have been bent from day one but I never noticed it. Hopefully I will install them today and get an answer.
  9. Possible bent wheel via balance?

    I guess my main reason for this post was to find out if the dealer may have bent it. It sounds like not. I’m just gonna use it as a spare after I put it on and see if it vibrates. It may have been bent the whole time I was using it but not noticeable. Thanks for all the replies
  10. Possible bent wheel via balance?

    I’m not at home now but there were at least 11 squares in a row. Lol Both have less then 10000 miles. Funny thing is one of my other wheels has two rows of 12 and some in top.
  11. Possible bent wheel via balance?

    I would have to look at the paper if it even says it. He said he did the best he could to balance it. The wheels ran smooth as can be before. I never have them balanced but I figured after 10000 miles I would before I put them on the new jeep
  12. Possible bent wheel via balance?

    Yes the tires were already mounted from Tire Rack. They were fine before I swapped them out . I Havnt installed them on my new Jeep. If it shakes, they had to have done it. Thanks!!!!
  13. Possible bent wheel via balance?

    Just had my tires balanced. Dealer told me the one was bent and did the best they could. Those wheels were fine before I dropped them off. Can a balance machine bend one if not put on machine correctly?
  14. Anybody install front Rokblokz on a MOAB or other model/trim with Mopar Performance Rock Rails?

    Ok Thanks. I have to try it. I can’t go any longer with the reg rock rails. I can’t reach my windshield to clean it.
  15. Anybody install front Rokblokz on a MOAB or other model/trim with Mopar Performance Rock Rails?

    I’m in the same boat . I put the original rails back on for now but you’ve given me hope to reinstall my performance rails. Did you remove the end cap for a template since it’s impossible to use the rails installed ? Thanks
  16. Ambient Lighting System Upgrade

    Ok Sounds good. Thank you very much!! I’ll let you know how I made out in a week or so.
  17. Ambient Lighting System Upgrade

    Hi thanks for the quick response. It’s a 21 rubicon. Has three wires. My 18’ Sahara had three also. I tapped into it and added 2 recessed bolt leds above the mirror. They came on just like the other courtesy lights. I had no problems. I’m reading so many threads about diodes and whatever else...
  18. Ambient Lighting System Upgrade

    Are you positive on the wires and what they do? I’m installing exterior light on both sides so the lights come on when the doors are unlocked or open.I tried the white wire and that turns them on with the roll switch. Please help. Lol
  19. Pennsylvania JW Speaker Fog

    I have 1 new JW Speaker fog light. Series J2 . Company sent a new set and I only replaced one. Make offer