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  1. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Does your 4H and 4L work properly? That’s all I am really concerned about right now, heading into winter.
  2. Anyone regret getting 20 inch wheels?

    I had the lift installed by the dealer before I even took possession of it, I don’t remember what I paid, probably a fortune, but it is covered under warranty and doesn’t void anything else on my warranty. Yes and yes for the wheels and tires. We also had the dealer install them too. Krietz...
  3. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    ⚠️ Bringing this post back up ⚠️ What has been the resolution to this issue? My “service axel locker” warning light came on today for the first time. I used the lockers for the first time last weekend with no problem... nothing extreme, just some mudding up a steep hill. Every time I shifted...
  4. JL envy or set in their ways

    Stay away from the JOA group on FB, they are assholes. ;)
  5. Bestop-Northridge4x4 Gift Card Giveaway!

    I need a coupon for a free Trek top. Someone backed into the garage with the soft top folded back. I am someone.
  6. Giveaway of the Month - October 2019 - Chromoly Dog-Legged Tie Rod, JL Wrangler, Rubicon

    Who wouldn’t want a big, gold, rod underneath?! ‍♀️
  7. The clutch gang!

    YES! I love having complete control over the vehicle. My husband told me I was crazy for ordering a stick and told me I would be sick of it after a month...wrong! I love it more each day, even with all of the crazy traffic where we live! LOL And guess who takes it out on errands every time he...
  8. The clutch gang!

    Why wouldn't you drive a manual jeep? #savethemanuals
  9. Anyone Else Having This Issue (Driving It Too Much)

    5 months = 10,000 miles. I love it almost as much as my boob job.
  10. Buying my first wrangler soon - need some educated input

    Once you go Rubicon, you don't go back. :jk: #blackJeepsmatter
  11. The Jeep Soap Opera part 1, Guiding Light: Wife mad at me and a dose of karma

    Meet Dave, aka Mr. I Will Never Own Anything Except An F-250. Ever since March 2019, when I got my Rubicon, Dave has offered to drive our kids to and from every cheerleading, football, baseball practice there is...and always takes my Jeep. This past weekend I took the doors and top off...
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Took my doors off for the first time. ❤️ #blackjeepsmatter
  13. New owner on a Punk n Metallic Rubicon.

    Lol I always think Julius!
  14. Anyone regret getting 20 inch wheels?

    No, I love mine. Pavement Princess, mall crawler... whatever others want to call it... it is my daily driver and I didn’t want a piece of shit. It’s your Jeep, get what you want.
  15. Wife's new 2019 JL Sahara

    2' Mopar lift w/ Fox shocks and 35" tires
  16. Just installed the Mopar 6" lift kit

    2” Mopar lift, 35” Nitto Ridge Grapplers.... I park in parking garages all of the time with no problem... it is close though.
  17. From Volkswagens to a Wrangler?

    Get a soft top, you will never take the hard top off and you need a place to store it, manual transmission, because you don’t want a girls Jeep, 8.4” infotainment center, and LED lights are the bomb. Order it and get what you want, don’t settle for something on a lot. Mine cane in 17 days after...