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  1. What else do you drive?

    yeah i guess ;) today and yesterday we sold both rubi's. i really enjoyed mine, but wanted to try something new. the wife never liked the rubi as much as she thought she would and wanted a trailhawk again. our 9th jeep so at least we're staying in the brand family.
  2. What else do you drive?

    mine, wife's, and mine
  3. Anyone using 35/12.50 or 315/70 all terrains for snow?

    35" wildpeaks here as well. on both our JL's. they've worked really well in snow for us.
  4. Wrangler Rubicon 392 Ordering is Open

    thanks. bummed there's no bright green option. have a mojito now and was hoping to have a bright option.
  5. Wrangler Rubicon 392 Ordering is Open

    does the ordering system show what colors will be available on the 392?
  6. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    so there’s a new part number and issued tsb because this is all nonsense and not real?
  7. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    trackbar tsb is a new part number. i checked on our 19's. mine was built in nov 18 with old/affected part number. her's was built in apr 19 and has the new/fixed? part number.
  8. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    hey what a surprise my local dealer said the trackbar tsb doesn't apply to me because i put 35's on my jeep. even though my wife's jeep with the same exact tires (and new trackbar pn due to newer build date) drives fine with little to no wandering.
  9. Static on Uconnect Media app and USB

    Same happens on our two ‘19 rubicons. Happened with my past iPhone X and still happens on my 11. I’ve tried all USB ports in the Jeep. My guess is uconnect software problem as it’s clearly not tied to a single phone or even Jeep in my testing. Only solution for me is use BT.
  10. Your favorite NW places in pictures...

    Did a few miles up around Stevens pass yesterday. Turned around when it started getting icy and a little dodgy. The wife doesn’t have a high tolerance for shenanigans.
  11. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    i have the 2.0t and my wife has the 3.6. both '19 rubicons. after driving each for a few months i prefer my 2.0t. power feels better, feels smoother overall, and of course mpg is a little better. just did a 1,000 mile trip with a lot of hwy miles and also maybe 50 miles of forest roads. avg...
  12. Confused on new 35s and speed difference

    Using waze on my iPhone I saw the ~5 mph difference when I upgraded to 35’s. Adjusted with tazer and retested with waze and it was pretty much dead on.
  13. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    after a week of rain the sun finally came back
  14. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Just about anywhere we go we come back to find a friend next to us
  15. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Leaving one of our local favorite breweries
  16. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Every time we take the wife’s jeep out I get more envious of it although I still love my mojito
  17. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Got the windows done today on the wife’s jeep. When I came to pick it up...
  18. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    wasn't quite sure what color shade to opt for. went with gift blue. turned out ok i think. wife likes it and that's all that matters i suppose.