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  1. JL Wrangler Diesel Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Congrats to all who received their diesel Jeeps and hopefully each and every one of those lasts for 1 million miles! Now to my question lol, will this thread track the ordering and delivery of the 2021 diesel orders?? Or is this only for the 2019/2020 model orders??
  2. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    "It is not a Jeep thing it is an aluminum problem" you say?? So if i go check out a Mercedes G-Wagon, i should find the same issues around the hinges right?? they use aluminum and they have hinges... Why is it so hard for our companies to buy a G and get it in their shop and take it apart and...
  3. Chance of punk'n returning?

    Yeah.. thats what i thought too :/ Such a short time for this color! exactly 1 year. And yellow is going away next.. On the website, if you build a yellow rubicon and add the colored hard top, it cancels the yellow out!
  4. Chance of punk'n returning?

    They need to release this one!!! I would order it in a heartbeat! But maybe not many others would lol
  5. Chance of punk'n returning?

    And now Bikini is gone :headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang: Why do we have to have 4 shades of grey (black, grey, sting grey, silver..... they all the same boring) And meanwhile the cool colors are being dropped :( I am waiting to order a diesel and now no fun green and no fun...
  6. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Just a suggestion! I think if you use a Fujifilm camera with the Xtrans sensor, it might show the greens properly right out of camera JPEG's! I think thats because a Xtrans has green photo sites arranged in the middle and it favors green rather than skin tones like the traditional Bayer sensor...
  7. Diesel delete

    As far as i have gathered so far, they dont delete anything from the Jeep. It all stays in and you install "plates" that block the gases from re-entering the engine... That way it looks stock and testing passes with no issues... Lets see if this gets implemented and how successful it is
  8. Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU EcoDiesel First Drive Reviews and Performance Specs

    The diesel is not truly released yet.. give it time, there will be ways to delete the crap emission systems! The question you need to ask yourself is: will it be worth it to pay $58K for a brand new jeep and delete the emission systems and drive WITHOUT a warranty?? For me, it would be worth it!
  9. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I got questions that dont deserve their own thread... Anyone knows what color will be discontinued next?? Also if there is a pattern (from the JK days) to what colors will be released, what will Jeep most likely release next (after sarge green that is)
  10. Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU EcoDiesel First Drive Reviews and Performance Specs

    I dont get why people are complaining and trying to justify the diesel.. We now have 3 engine choices in the wrangler! Each engine is awesome in its own way.. Each engine does something the other cant do.. Just look at what you can afford, look at your needs and make a wise decision.. I would...
  11. Normal knocking sound?

    Sounds like crank/crankcase bearings?? Noise is random, it doesn't have a pattern but it definitely sounds like something is rattling and if it does this at idle, it will do it at high RPM and under load too but you wont hear it because you will be driving down the road.. I would get this looked...
  12. Fiat Diesel, lol don't do it.

    So what are we supposed to do?? Drive 4Runners? Thats the only true reliable vehicle but its not as capable, fun or unique as a Jeep!! I sold mine because after i built it, the range was like 180 miles to empty and when i drove it to Moab it couldn't shift past the 3rd gear.. and all that for...
  13. Fiat Diesel, lol don't do it.

    Guys, its 2020, engines are reliable!! Everyone said the 2.0T was going to grenade when driven and here they are... Happy 2.0T customer everywhere! The diesel is going to be the same if not better! I am going to get mine with a diesel as soon as i test drive one, hopefully it doesn't take to...
  14. 2.0L Turbo non-BSG engine

    Thank you and please please do asap! Very helpful and glad you are liking yours.
  15. 2.0L Turbo non-BSG engine

    Cant wait for the first 2020 2.0 turbo non-BSG to get delivered so we can hear all the details about them!
  16. Educate me: leather seats

    Thats easy to answer! 1: Leather shocks you less when you get out of the vehicle.. Compared to cloth! You get that 1500 volt discharge LOL 2: Leather is easier to clean. Spill coffee on cloth seats vs leather.. 3: Leather has much better resale value than dirty used up cloth, because leather...
  17. 2.0L Turbo non-BSG engine

    Its true, it is a little higher than the gas tank, however its just one more thing... And yes i did crawl under the first 2.0l BSG i saw on the dealership lol, the sales manager looked at me like i was crazy! I found this on the internet, if anyone is wondering about the battery, its the box...
  18. 2.0L Turbo non-BSG engine

    I see!! I didn't think about that! So If the BSG version doesn't have an alternator then yeah the non-BSG would definitely be more "trail worthy" if you could call it that because thats one less thing to hit and break on the trail.. I have done my fair share of wheeling here in AZ to know that...
  19. 2.0L Turbo non-BSG engine

    So if the torque and HP numbers are the same, the dyno graph would be a little different before 1500 RPM. Therefore it means that the only difference is the MPG, if any... Sacrifice MPG for less complexity.. makes sense The BSG was complicated but it offered better MPG.. People feared it would...
  20. Older Jeep colors you REALLY want to come back on the JL

    This!!! This makes me so weak!! I dont know the name of this, but there is a Chevrolet ZL1-1LE in this color, its called shock! This i think is the happiest loudest color there is and i would love to see a JL in this color, instant collector color too!