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  1. Double diamond katzkin leather seats

    Seat heaters work great... with these. toasty, even at level 2 heating. I notice zero difference in seat heaters between the factory leather and these...
  2. Alien Sunshade Review

    What's weird to me is that I had no problem at all using their little tool and getting the clips and t-bar bungees installed for the front, but I had a b*tch of a time getting those final two bungees (rear two corners of the jeep) stretched far enough and looped around the ball... man, I...
  3. It’s MOAB Monday!

    ha, sure. Love them. I posted pics of the install on another forum thread, but since you asked - here are a few more.
  4. It’s MOAB Monday!

    went naked up into the hills for some exploring...
  5. Katzkin leather for JL Wrangler

    thanks Katzkin team. Just as a reminder (since I just completed my Katzkin install), the "Moab" logo shown in this guide is the old one from many years ago. The newer Moab logo, which Katzkin does now have, isn't shown here. You may wish to update your logo guide.
  6. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    no. But there are reports of some still left at some dealers, so try a search at
  7. Drive with hard top rear glass up?

    That's actually a really great point. When the glass is up, you can't see it at all with any of your mirrors, so I can see pulling in to my garage and forgetting it's up... then pushing the button to close the garage door, which will definitely come down onto the glass.
  8. Drive with hard top rear glass up?

    Dumb question from a Jeep newbie... when hard top is on, is it safe to drive with rear glass window raised up?
  9. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    Yep, been experimenting with several different fabric markers to find the best match... and then see if I have the patience to do it all.
  10. Best way to hold your phone ( besides your hand )...

    Thanks! Just got it done yesterday. More pics for your wife here:
  11. Best way to hold your phone ( besides your hand )...

    No, there's a gap at the top specifically for this purpose, so I chose to just use that. Yes, it violates my "no dangling wires" rule, but it's in a spot only I would ever see... I may go back and put a hole in lower down and push it through there to make the install even cleaner, but so far...
  12. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    I had opted for Heritage Tan leather seats, and the look with my Granite Crystal exterior never really pleased me. Expensive mistake. Just got custom @Katzkin seats installed - went for black with red wings/accents and red stitching. Because I went through a jeep dealer (in another state, all...
  13. Katzkin leather for JL Wrangler

    Just got my @Katzkin installed. Very pleased with how it came out. The installer did a fantastic job IMO.
  14. Double diamond katzkin leather seats

    Love my @Katzkin as well! Just picked it up and am loving it. Very high-quality installation.
  15. Change color of stitching on dash and steering wheel?

    @allenn are you still looking to do a trade on wheel, shifter boots and dash? I have a Moab edition so mine are black leather with white stitching, which would be easy to do the color change for you. I'm looking for red stitching panels and would do the fabric pen thing but if you're wanting...
  16. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    @Jhubz7 Your pics and description gave me the final push i needed to do the @Katzkin replacement, and I LOVE the results as well. Mine's a Moab edition, and I chose to have them stitch in the official Moab logo, like your Rubicon one, but after going back and forth, I finally decided to do the...
  17. Older Jeep colors you REALLY want to come back on the JL

    Sorry... one more tonight. Willys "Arena Yellow" circa 1958-1960. Bring this back FCA! Picture that on a JL! :DROOL:
  18. Older Jeep colors you REALLY want to come back on the JL

    ... and I'm getting a little aroused by Cosmos Blue:
  19. Older Jeep colors you REALLY want to come back on the JL

    ... and since I know there's at least one big fan of purple jeeps here, here are a few more images of "Xtreme Purple Pearl". Wow.. definitely a bold choice, though may not technically qualify for this thread as it's not an "old" color... 2017 JK.
  20. Older Jeep colors you REALLY want to come back on the JL

    Here's another view of "Desert Sand Pearl". Didn't like it at first... but now it's growing on me.