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  1. Asking dealers to not apply dealership stickers / badges?

    Every new vehicle I've ever gotten I've always asked them to keep the dealer decals off. I've never had any pushback from any dealership before. I always say "I don't mind the license plate cover, I just don't like stickers" and they almost always say the same thing "no problem, we get some...
  2. KC HiLiTES Is Officially Joining The JL Wranglers Forum Community

    Welcome KC, I love your lights. Ever since I was a kid your lights have been the bar and the symbol of an offroader in my eyes. Your lights are out of my price range, but regardless they are a staple and an addition I hope to add to my build one day 🤞
  3. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    Not that I'm aware of. I found it in my owners manual and anything that I've found in that that's diesel specific it's said as such. I think this is true for all Rubicon factory locker models
  4. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    ME personally, mine is the fact you can engage the rear locker in 4H If you know the secret sequence of buttons to push ;). It's in the manual. But if you're in 4H you hit offroad+, then hold your traction control button to turn it and the esc off, then you can lock up the rear axle.
  5. Plastic Door Sill Guards

    I went aftermarket for mine. I considered the mopar ones. But looking at them they didn't seem to have good coverage and my gf tends to step on the sill to get in and so does my dog. To avoid rust, I wanted max coverage. Bushwacker makes a pretty great set, however they're on the pricy end. I...
  6. 2nd time out, 2021 diesel more issues , Round two!

    Appreciate the info, I don't find I use my camera that much. Mostly for break overs just to get a better idea of what's in front or the tire tracking image I like. As for the wiring issues/faults. I hope they give you some clarity. I'll likely be calling my dealer the next day or two. It's...
  7. 2nd time out, 2021 diesel more issues , Round two!

    Hey, I have a 2021 JLUR-D as well. I've experienced the same issue actually. So originally, I thought the same about the fuses as I heard about that being a thing on here. I took it into my dealer to he sure because after I did the fuses I hit a pothole and the same happened again, however it...
  8. 2021 JLU-D - abs and bumpy roads

    Get them to check the wiring over the rear axle if you can. They found some exposed wiring there on my jeep and they were shorting out. It knocked out my tpms system as well and they were reading zero. They suspected it had come from the factory at is was a harness that went up and over the rear...
  9. Uconnect Auto-Lock feature not working

    Huh, I appreciate the info. Poorly named to say the least, however that makes sense. Thanks for that. I was worried it was a malfunction hahah
  10. Uconnect Auto-Lock feature not working

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has been having this problem or if maybe I've done something wrong and you all might have a fix for me. Since I got my jeep in October, my Auto-lock feature hasn't worked. I've gone into the uconnect settings and checked the box to enable it. But it doesn't seem...
  11. Front camera option worth it?

    I have the front facing cam on my JLU and I honestly love it. It points downwards and I use it when I'm cresting a peak or breaking over. It definitely helps. It's also useful with tire placement as it has a tread path layout that bends with the steering. I also love that it has a "wash"...
  12. What's everyone running for road PSI's?

    Ya I do, all stock so far. I'll give that a go for sure! Thanks! Someone mentioned a chalk test which I'm going to try, but it's full winter where I am. Not much good when the roads are all snow hahah Thanks again, cheers!
  13. What's everyone running for road PSI's?

    Hey! So I thought I'd throw this question out into the ether. What's everyone running for road PSI's? I currently have been running mine at about 37-38psi as recommended spec according to the door placard. But I've heard people running it lower. I find it's quite stiff however and I'm on-off...
  14. 2021 JLU-D - abs and bumpy roads

    Gave a good rattle, but not airborne. I want to say I was travelling around 50kmh (30mph) and a pothole jumped out at me kinda deal
  15. 2021 JLU-D - abs and bumpy roads

    Hey, So I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience yet. I'll be driving down a logging road, 4 high, not rally driving. Hit a bump in the road and then all kinds of alarms start going off. My abs system shuts down, forward collision warning shuts off, I get a message saying the 4x4...
  16. 2021 JLU-D Fuel additives and treatments

    Hey, so I have owned my jeep now for about a month and a half. So far no issues to speak of. However I was wondering what others are doing as far as fuel additives. This is my first diesel engined vehicle and doing research I've learned that its recommended for diesels to need a water...
  17. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    It's my understanding that the noise you hear when you shut off the engine is the def system pumping out the lines to clear them out to avoid freezing the lines in cold weather. It's completely normal and is actually a good thing. But not ever explained well apparently. I'm hoping to get my jlur...
  18. How long is "In Transit" time?

    I'm in bc as well, waiting for my jeep. I was wondering, how did you "track it"? My salesman hasn't been on top of it to keep me updated and I'm tired of bugging him to get any new info
  19. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Now Include 3 Years of Jeep Wave Care Program (Free Maintenance)

    Agreed, seems kind of silly to complain about a free service, even if it's minimal. I just ordered an ecodiesel, free oil changes can alleviate some of the added price for the diesel.... That being said, I'm in Canada and I wonder if this offer is available here as well lol