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  1. Service Stop/Start System Warning Light - P2AF6

    My issue is definitely bent pins.
  2. First issue found

    Take it to a dealer for a warranty repair. They will send it to a body shop.
  3. Caught in the rain

    Do you have cloth or leather? How do the seats do?
  4. Fake door mud needed

    Anyone have any fake mud decals or something for doors? The look is interrupted when wheeling with the doors off.
  5. Service Stop/Start System Warning Light - P2AF6

    This way my issue. After removing and replacing the doors many times on other JLs, I’m surprised this happened. Here is what mine looks like. See the top left.
  6. mpg with ess & w/o ess

    Appreciate the analysis very much. Good to know it’s not that big of a change. Definitely not enough for me to embrace the delayed takeoff and rolling back on hills like a bad manual driver stalling out. It’s a two button press start up for me every time to disable this abomination.
  7. Jeep wave at Gladiators?

    Eye roll is the designated response in the rubi manual for Cherokee wave attempts.
  8. Loose Steering is NORMAL for the JL

    So are they all like this, or are there JLs out there with “tight” steering? I think it’s the former. A few are really bad with real problems, but I can’t tell if yours is one of those from the description. I can tell you I would describe all four of the JLs I’ve owned and the ones I’ve test...
  9. Jeep wave at Gladiators?

    It’s bad enough when I accidentally wave to a Moab (no lockers), but this truck Jeep hack thing? Absolutely not. How dare you even suggest it? Sometimes I confuse 4-doors with the real Jeeps, 2-doors, and wave and feel terrible for letting the driver think they’re part of the club. They’re...
  10. Loose Steering is NORMAL for the JL

    Guys, come on. None of us have 400,000 miles on our Jeeps, so we really don’t know anything yet. If you can’t handle and pay for all repairs on your own, you don’t deserve to own one anyway.
  11. Loose Steering is NORMAL for the JL

    Thank you wise old TJ Jeep Master. What a helpful post. You’re right; leasing is definitely our problem. Can’t believe we didn’t see that before. You can go back to your TJ forum now that you’ve enlightened us.
  12. MOAB...I just don’t understand Why the thread was closed.

    I saw another Moab today on the highway. It was all red with the all black wheels. I was thinking it looked pretty good from the back. But then it drifted a bit off the pavement and got stuck right away. I just feel so sorry for these guys with no lockers.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    My namesake is looking pretty good!!
  14. Story of the Jeep at MN Military Museum

    Just googled the event. Did not know about it. Thanks for asking! I might be there.
  15. Loose Steering is NORMAL for the JL

    My original premise was all JLs have loose steering (compared to just about all other modern cars). Some have stated their steering is not loose. Does anyone has a video of “tight” JL steering, especially with the fast rocking motion showing movement of the Jeep back and forth? The reason I...
  16. Driving characteristics 2dr vs 4dr

    Very useful information. Thanks very much for sharing.