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  1. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    Black Bear is officially open as of 07/09
  2. Warranty Repairs

    What kinda driving conditions are y’all seeing? That’s crazy amount of warranty work for miles. I’d expect that in a DEF Diesel setup.... Taking mine for a screen replacement once the parts arrive. They said this week they’d be in...tomorrow’s Friday.....:no rush. I’ll take it in after my...
  3. JL Cargo Area Lighting Upgrade

    To Oracle: What is the difference between your light and an eBay special? Not trying to call your company out but would really like to know the difference. I picked one up recently that I’ll be installing but I’d like to know the difference.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the Vicious Off-road cargo rack. Powder coat was shit. If you have a recline kit it’ll rub the back of the seat. Install was easy. Added a rubber pad between the seat and rack to take of the rubbing issue. Tomorrow wire the cargo light, third brake light and waiting on ORO license...
  5. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    Already bought it as it came highly recommended by several people. I found it to be a solid meh. I guess I like hearing more personal experience. It did help me pick another trail or two.
  6. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    I get one shot at planning this for a group of 3 families for a trip I’ve been wanting to make for 20 years so yes I’ve been a little thorough. But our plans are still only about 70% filled. :CWL:
  7. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    No. That’s the current status. But a local group has been WORKING HARD to clean up all the avalanche debris and damage from the idiots for the FS to consider reopening it. They are very hopeful it will be reopened pending a final “blessing” from the FS. July 18th is supposed to be the day...
  8. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    I’m using a combination of platforms in conjunction with this thread including this link: Also I had my wife start following a FB group by “San Juan Mountain Trail Group” or something along those lines with lots of friendly members with a ton of...
  9. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    That looks awesome! :like:
  10. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    Black Bear will open Thursday of this week and looks like Poughkeepsie will reopen July 18! :rock:
  11. Moab - July 17th-21st.

    Never been but we will be there the week after you’re there. We are planning to do Hell’s Revenge, Fins N things, top of the world, Golden bar time, poison spider Mesa...still trying to finalize our trails.
  12. Texas Rubicon Steel Bumpers

  13. Muffler delete... was it worth it?

    I’m headed to the San Juan Mountains later this month. This has been a concern for me. It may or may not get a muffler after the trip.
  14. ODB Jscan available for JL

    I guess reading comprehension has failed. I won’t derail this thread anymore. The pudding is in my posts.
  15. ODB Jscan available for JL

    I’ve already dealt with these connectors many times. Maybe a bit of exaggeration of sitting on the door sill but I definitely did not take the bottom panel off and lay in awkward angles and positioning after the second time of getting to know the plug. Ha. Calling me a liar on a public forum...
  16. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Yes way. I did it after the second time of learning where the plugs were and how to unplug them. Is it easy? No. Can everyone do it that way? No. Is it more comfortable than becoming a contortionist? Yes.
  17. Muffler delete... was it worth it?

    I removed my muffler to gain ground clearance and a better sound from the exhaust. With the HikeIt, it’ll blow those minivans away.
  18. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Two smaller cables plug in where the above picture is circled. Then plug your vgate into the side with the OBD port.
  19. ODB Jscan available for JL

    @Htfan sent me this pic a while back. They’re tucked up in there. But once you get the hang of it you can sit on the door sill and put your hand in there and unplug/replicate everything. The tab disconnect is on facing towards the engine bay.
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Took a quart of oil out of the pan. It seems they pulled the ole 6 quart fill on me prior to me purchasing it from the dealer. Removed the hard top and hoping to take it out to tomorrow with the family. Installed my sun shade as well. Getting real close to our Colorado trip so need to...