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  1. Let's see your staged sunset pics

    Thanks. Well, I did post my jeep pics first and the pics are too fun to not share. I thought about bringing out the jeep last time with my viper since they are the same color. Maybe next time. Yeah, those cars on a dry lakebed makes for some fun
  2. Let's see your staged sunset pics

    Thanks! I took a ton last week but didn't bring the jeep last time
  3. Anyone able to reach Quadratec?

    Their replies have been a little slow but they got back to me and corrected an issue that I had on order and apologized for the slow reply. A lot of industry has been affected by the lock-down, from a lot of their staff working from home to suppliers having to shut down or have reduced output...
  4. Moved JL Rear View Camera To New Roof Location [DIY / Writeup]

    Yeah, backing up with a lift and large spare tire makes a lot of cars disappear. Sports cars are gone from view even without the spare tire. Parallel parking is a lot more comfortable with the camera particularly if some tiny exotic sports car is behind you and it is totally obstructed from...
  5. One Weekend Left!!!

    I ordered a trektop ultra last friday. When do you expect them to start shipping?
  6. It’ll buff out.

    I am not a fan of the OEM bumper but imagine the damage if you had a shorty bumper on your jeep. Ouch.
  7. California 2019 JLU Rubicon Wheels & Tires (Southern California)

    I marked my thread as sold long ago. This is someone else's thread.
  8. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    But the sun is white, it only looks yellow/orange/red during sunrise and sunset because of Rayleigh scattering. Trade-in for a white one now?
  9. Should we expect major incentives b/c of Corona

    a 7 year loan is absolutely an incentive for the reasons I outlined in my previous post. A cash buyer would be absolutely stupid to not take a 0% loan. As far as not generating cash flow, FCA is the bank issuing the loan, correct? That means they can borrow the money at the Fed's rate which...
  10. Should we expect major incentives b/c of Corona

    What would be a good cash rebate? A few grand? 5 grand? I'd rather have that 0% interest loan for 84 (!!!!) months and take that 50g or so I would pay cash and buy into a market that is very beat up and will probably be more beat up when reality strikes. In a few years that will be a far...
  11. Giveaway of the Month - April 2020 - Combination Full Width Rear Bumper and SportGate Tire Carrier

    I'm loving the game-changer suspension and I think I am in need of that tire carrier for my 37s. Fingers crossed!!
  12. Put your Drone pics and videos here so we can all see them.

    I don't have any drone footage of my jeep yet but I did get some of another one of my cars
  13. If there was one thing you could change about your JL...

    You would have less power, torque, and MPG. Why not get an old carbureted CJ with a v-8 and 130 hp and skip the JL?
  14. JL and high winds...

    Doesn't it seem like the gyroscopic effect of the heavier tires would have more to do with the resistance to move in the wind than a shock?
  15. Photograph of the Month Contest - January 2020

    Ha. I remember seeing the image a while back in a MOPAR or Jeep announcement and it is clear that it is far beyond an image that most people are going to take of their jeep. I honestly figured that you may have snagged an image online and posted it for the contest. I know that I have found my...
  16. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    37s on 3.5" metalcloak game changer