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  1. Bad Wheel Alignment from the factory

    The toe may have been changed slightly, less than 1/32 of an inch, MAYBE. It appears that the alignment sensors were not calibrated correctly as there is changes where it would be impossible due to no adjustment for caster/camber. Technician probably manipulated the machine to show "in spec"...
  2. Tazer JL lite upgrade

    As usual Joe got it all worked out.
  3. Tazer JL lite upgrade

    I haven't received a receipt. Also when I log on it shows no orders. My Son upgraded his and received the email in less than a minute also. I'm not worried, Joe has always had great customer service and always helped me out. Just bummed as I'm stuck at home all weekend with nothing to do.
  4. Tazer JL lite upgrade

    You are correct, I’ll give it some time. Joe has always provided top notch service for me.
  5. Tazer JL lite upgrade

    Anyone upgraded their Tazer JL Lite to a mini? I paid for the upgrade on the Z Automotive website, it stated 2 minute email delivery but still waiting after 36 hours. I sent Joe an email and text with no response. Very unusual as Joe usually responds in 30 minutes to request.
  6. Homelink Mod

    My red wire stays hot all the time.
  7. BonusDrive $500 Cash Back Offer

    The strange thing is, when I purchased my Grand Cherokee the check only took 4 weeks to arrive.
  8. BonusDrive $500 Cash Back Offer

    I received my $500 bonus drive check today, 3 months and 4 days after purchasing the Sahara. Already sent the request for the Rubicon back on March 30.. Check is issued on Citizens State Bank out of Clara City, MN.
  9. Replacing front Bumper/fog lights

    You have to take the plastic bumper cover off once the entire bumper is off of the JEEP. Really simple and completely reversible. Push style pins hold the cover on behind each fog light, remove them and you will see the 4 screws (7mm socket)holding each fog light to the bumper. There are at...
  10. Granite JLU Rubicon

    Rough Country has a 3/4 front spacer for the JL/JK. Also ebay has quite a few 3/4 and 1inch front spacers, 1 inch removes all of the rake.
  11. 35" tires w/ no lift

    No, private sale. Kim did make me a great offer on trade, but selling privately is so much easier and better $$$ wise.
  12. 35" tires w/ no lift

    I sold it for $2300 more than I paid and then, thanks to Kim I saved $5800 on the Rubicon. Win/win.
  13. 35" tires w/ no lift

    Aftermarket 17x8 wheels with 10mm offset. No spacers
  14. Granite JLU Rubicon

    I just noticed that he cut about 5 inches off the antenna and painted it black also.
  15. Wind noise - Jeep is looking into this

    My first JL had wind noise that was unacceptable(40mph and up) until I made some adjustments, then it became somewhat tolerable. The Rubicon I just purchased was 470 miles away and it was very quiet on the trip home. Highway speeds (70-80)for about 450 of those miles and no excessive noise...
  16. Rubicon takeoffs

    You may have seen the white JLU Sahara around town, I recently sold it to get a granite Rubicon. Haven't driven the Rubicon much, but I'm back in town now so you may see it between Hwy11 and the middle school. What color is yours? Since january I've seen quite a few JL's around, I live in...
  17. Rubicon takeoffs

    Sorry wheels have been sold to another forum member. .
  18. Granite JLU Rubicon

    It is a Barricade copy purchased off of ebay. Listed as a JK Rock Crawler winch bumper. Normally $150-170
  19. Rubicon takeoffs

    5 - wheels/tires/lugs/TPMS - $1000 (470 miles) SOLD Rock rails- $100 SOLD Freedom top bag- $30 Will not ship, pick up in Trussville,AL
  20. Granite JLU Rubicon

    We have since lifted it 2inches in front and 1 inch in the rear, it now sits perfect for 35's.(pics to come) I also moved the dashcam to a slightly different position.