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  1. LOD bumper vs truck, bumper wins

    Well, I'm going to ask the big question. Is everyone okay? That's kind of my biggest concern. However, I am glad that your Jeep fared well.
  2. 2019 Jeep Wrangler | Long-Term Wrap Up Review by KBB

    boss lady's 2.0 is fine. shifts fine. that trans is smoother than my 10 speed ford trans. had zero complaints from the test drive on. doesn't hunt for gears, not a mushy shift, but, not whiplash, either. but, since someone mentioned that wretched ess... the e.s.s. is why auto engineers...
  3. Design a Jeep Easter Egg Contest and Win a Jeep

    in their defense, the shipping to give a jeep away probably costs more than the jeep does to build.
  4. Do you think Plasti Dip will adversely affect synthetic winch line?

    not knocking people on this forum, but, i'd ask the winch line manufacturer...not us. they would know better what it will do. they've probably tried it, or, will after you ask, so they can improve their product/brand.
  5. Dealer Fried my PCM after installing AUX Switches!

    take the Rubi and run... right to another dealership for warranty work. blast them in c.e.i. scores, and social media...all You can do.
  6. Dealer Fried my PCM after installing AUX Switches!

    Why i won't let a dealership do anything that isnt unsr warranty.
  7. Wrangler imagined as a Sedan

    The discovery looks like it could pass for a holden
  8. Wrangler imagined as a Sedan

    The hummer is puke inducing. So is the benz. The nissan puke isnt much better
  9. What music do you jam to when you are in your Jeep?

    any channel in Sirius has a library equivalent of 2 cds….yes. I mentioned cds. I pod. Yes, I own one. can't find Pantera, S.RV., Jamey Johnson, Slayer, Waylon Jennings, eric Clapton, Beethoven, Jimi, Slipknot, albert King selection anywhere. I would have said joe bonnamassa, but the blues...
  10. Chrome layer peeling after cleaning with wipes, anyone have this issue?

    It looks like it's meant to be removed. I will check on the boss lady's rubicon's steering wheel when she gets home.
  11. Who has their top down?

    thanks...and, what part of the keystone state are You from?
  12. Who has their top down?

    ok....stupid "top down" question. much-better half's jeep is a hardtop. anyone here bought the factory soft top assembly after the fact? how wretched is the conversion? (she had to pick one with out the dual top group.)
  13. What music do you jam to when you are in your Jeep?

    variety is the spice of life. currently trying to warm up to a few stations on satellite, but, they seem to have a music library that fits on 2 cds. I was excited about the blues channel.... was. the satellite stations are beating the same few songs into the ground. and, it just seems like...
  14. Used 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

    kind of nitpicking, don't you think? (looking for a "sarcasm" no avail.)
  15. Hit a pothole dash lights on

    A) check speed sensor. B) stop driving in new jersey. You don't have potholes. You have craters.
  16. DEF fluid warnings and guage sensor issues

    Yeah. My Kenworth uses less def than your jeep. That cant be right.
  17. JL leads Florida cops on car chase and flips over after pit maneuver

    He was driving a Sahara. If he had gone to the mall parking lot, they have never caught him. He would have Blended in with the most natural camouflage known to man.
  18. JL leads Florida cops on car chase and flips over after pit maneuver

    nah...just heading to the shoe store....get some..."white vans".