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  1. Exploring North Carolina

    Thanks for the info!
  2. Exploring North Carolina

    You probably already know about Hurricane Creek to Max Patch. Or just go to Max Patch and hike part of the AT.
  3. Exploring North Carolina

    You will really enjoy Cape Lookout. I haven't been in several years now but would love to get back out there. I second the motion on ferry reservations. Sometimes it's no problem and sometimes it is. You can easily spend a week exploring the outer banks of NC. I also like the very...
  4. Exploring North Carolina

    The Linville Gorge and Wilson Creek Gorge areas are nice to explore. Look up Old NC 105. Gravel/dirt road up from near the town of Nebo. Takes you up the western side of the Linville Gorge. Lots of hiking trails. Of course Linville Falls. Also takes you to Wiseman's view overlook where you...
  5. Any South Carolina residents?

    I lived in Charleston about 20 years ago and still visit the area. Have some family that lives on John's Island. Charleston is expensive in the downtown area. I lived in what is called West Ashley (west of the Ashley river). It was really nice. About 20 minute drive to the beach. I would...
  6. Design a Jeep Easter Egg Contest and Win a Jeep

    Go get it, ThirtyOne. You'll be good at this.
  7. Aftermarket Door Sill Guard Removal?

    I removed my Quadratec ones a few months ago because they let water in. I used a heat gun to warm the glue up and then worked them loose with a plastic trim tool. Hair dryer would probably work also. Took a little bit of effort, but did not damage the paint at all.
  8. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Found Grandpa Willys today at a local shop. Wish I had taken a few more pictures. Edit: I called the shop today and found out it is a 1946 model.
  9. Over the air update issue

    Wow. That is scary. Mine did an update yesterday but luckily I didn't have those problems. I think it was the update for the W35 recall about the back up camera issue. First over the air update I have had. Hope it works.
  10. Smittybilt X20 and Rusty's Winch Plate

    I am looking at getting this winch plate too. What winch did you mount on it?
  11. Most common ongoing issues: 2020 JL

    Has something to do with the back up camera not turning off after you change the gear out of reverse and start going forward. Recall says " ... radio may continue to display the rear view image until a drive cycle ends." The camera stays on and doesn't turn off I think. Mine works fine...
  12. Jeep Dog pics

    Hobo. Our Catahoula Leopard dog. He came to us as a rescue dog. We are his third home that we know of, but he has found his furever home now.
  13. Quake LED lighting upgrade

    I have the Quake lights also on a Rubicon with 33's and stock suspension. I did have to adjust them down because I was getting flashed by other drivers. No rake on my Jeep. I think I ended up putting two or three washers on the top bolts only to angle the light pattern down. I think I saw...
  14. Most common ongoing issues: 2020 JL

    2020 JLUR with about 7,000 miles on it. No issues with steering. That was one item I was worried about before buying. Wire for the rear window defroster has detached on the passenger side. Very common problem. Recently got a recall notice about the radio, but I have not had any problems...
  15. Sting-Gray Badges

    Out in the country not too far from Shelby. About half way between Charlotte and Asheville. Let me know if coming through this way sometime.
  16. Sting-Gray Badges

    Please put me down for two. 1 facing right and 1 facing left. Joined the forum just to get these badges! Thanks for doing this for everyone.