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  1. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    For many of you, from a country where the saying "there is no substitute for cubic inches" comes from, a "little" four-cylinder, even worse with a turbo, might look as a vulnerable thing, we in the EU are used to those for many decades though, is the least we can worry about ;) That said, this...
  2. DIY: Add USB Port into Upper Dash Tray

    Thanks for sharing. I actually have two very similar ones ready to install... And it was one of my concerns when browsing for USB chargers - hot to tell the good from the bad?
  3. Question

    Jeff, what look did you give the dealer to "give" you this stuff :LOL: ;)
  4. Why Not A Rubicon?

    A JK Sport - a capable driver showing what can be done with a Sport. Viewing this, you could as well ask, why a Rubicon instead of why not... OK, hardcore rock crawling will be a no-go, but this is a very good example of what a Sport is capable of.
  5. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    I keep on going for a while still. Have to replace taillights (halogens to convert to LED), install the LCA's (if they arrive), shocks are on their way, a bumper, hmmm, what else do I forget here...
  6. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Marat, I doubt it are false alarms - my guess you just don't know how to park a car despite driver licence and parking sensors :LOL: ;)
  7. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Yep, the airbag comes with - is held within - the cover. There is an easy to access connector - I.e. easy to access once you removed the glovebox, which you have to remove anyway to reach the two bolts that do hold the airbag attached to the dashboard frame. For safety reasons it is recommended...
  8. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Done ;) I'm not going in to details, as there are quite some instructive video's to find on YouTube showing how to disassemble everything. The one thing I'd not do, is remove or disconnect the multimedia screen, as imo an unnecessary step. The panels themselves are the easiest to remove, the...
  9. Deleted

    Any update here (and pictures of the supplied parking sensor holders)?
  10. New Defender Factory Accessories

    Ah.... Well, after I sold my JK, I actually had a reservation slot for a new 90. The more got released about the new Defender, the more I realized it would not be my next offroader, cancelled my reservation, and got my money back. As to why... Complexity, and having owned a Jag, I know JLR and...
  11. Hardtop owners:

    Neither had such issues with my previous JK, or JL (so far).
  12. DIY: Add USB Port into Upper Dash Tray

    Thanks for coming back to me :) I looked at it, but was wondering whether I missed something, as I could not clearly see how to take the darn thing out... Before going for the less subtle approach, I thought it could be a good idea to get some experience feedback first :)
  13. New Rear Hardtop Light Bar Kit for your 2018-2019 Jeep JL Wrangler! | Diode Dynamics

    Too bad, but neither had I the intention to use it for a light bar.
  14. New Rear Hardtop Light Bar Kit for your 2018-2019 Jeep JL Wrangler! | Diode Dynamics

    @Diode Dynamics , do you happen to sell the mounting brackets for this "New Rear Hardtop Light Bar Kit" separately?
  15. DIY: Add USB Port into Upper Dash Tray

    How is the original cigarette lighter attached in the dash, would you wish to replace it by something like you did? Can you "click" the original simply out, or is there more involved?
  16. Shipping Large Items From The USA - UK

    Did you consider to do some research on container shipping? Can't imagine there are no companies that do offer joined container shipments. You can get an entire container shipped for the amount you currently have been quoted. Sea transport is way slower, but also way cheaper...
  17. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    You could ask @Goin2drt who runs a TMPS business.
  18. Shipping Large Items From The USA - UK

    Any update here Leigh? The way shipping cost are calculated do differ a lot in between suppliers. I now just made the exercise for a set of shocks, and a reinforcement bracket. Supplier A for shocks only $122, with the bracket included (a small item) $148 (+ $26) Supplier B for shocks only...
  19. U.K. Jeepers....Green Laning

    Sure, no problem. Please send me the details of your account, and a list of options you wish the vehicle of your choice to be provided of, and I'll get you in touch with my uncle living in a far, far, away country, taking care of my money, investments, and pot of honey :) Sorry for this...