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  1. Possible Transmission/Transfer Case Seal Issue? Please help me diagnose it!

    UPDATE: Dealer just called me and indicated it's a transmission pan leak. Lost only 1.5-2 quarts. I was told that they don't just replace the seal, they replace the whole pan. They're special ordering it and should have my Jeep back in a couple of days. They also told me the air filter is...
  2. Q2 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Sales Number: 56,463 Units

    If I'm reading this right, Wrangler sales were down, but still pretty strong. Ram pickups (much like the F-150) are the FCA cash cow. Sales galore!
  3. Possible Transmission/Transfer Case Seal Issue? Please help me diagnose it!

    I should also note, I've seen no evidence of leaking fluid on the ground. No puddles in the garage, otherwise I'd have caught this much earlier. ;)
  4. Possible Transmission/Transfer Case Seal Issue? Please help me diagnose it!

    I went under my 18 JLUR yesterday to change the oil and while I was under there I found evidence of an oily residue to the rear of the transmission and/or transfer case. It was all over the cross member too. I can't tell if it was red in color or not (comes off as black on the rag I used) but...
  5. 13 Easter Eggs on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon EcoDiesel

    The LED tail lights on my JLUR have a grill and lights on embossed on them. The MOPAR floormats have a T-Rex on them (rear) as well as topo lines. The headlights (non-LED) have a grill and heeadlights in black.
  6. JL Nut & Bolt Sizes

    Nerds unite! I love this. Thanks for pulling it together.
  7. My Cheap Essential Offroading Equipment / Gear List

    Extra fuses, relays heatshrink?
  8. Thoughts on Buying a Used JLU??

    Just real quick - Some here my disagree, but carefully inspect the underside. Have them put it on a hoist and look for damage from hard crawling etc... if it's beat up, I'd walk away. --T
  9. Kayak Rack/Carrier Options for JLUR Soft Top?

    Yes, not many options at all, which is surprising. Seems like a decent business opportunity for a metal craftsman. I often wish I had those skills.
  10. Kayak Rack/Carrier Options for JLUR Soft Top?

    Many thanks for this reply. Best to you...
  11. Kayak Rack/Carrier Options for JLUR Soft Top?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a roof rack that can be used to carry kayaks and works with an OEM soft top?
  12. Harbor Frieght Winch

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply and advice. Folks like you are what makes these forums so great. I'll let you all know how things go. --T
  13. Harbor Frieght Winch

    Does anyone have any suggestion on what mounting plate to use with the HF Apex Winch?
  14. Tips for Offroad Beginners

    Wow! What a story and some great information in here. Thank you!
  15. Way to kill the Jeep look..

    bwahahahaha! That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen!
  16. 2020 EJS (Easter Jeep Safari) [Cancelled due to Coronavirus]

    "I see why they're doing it and so do you. To bring up talk about the ACLU and groups suing them is ridiculous. Relax, this will all be over soon, I hope. Let's all do our part and make logical conscious decisions. Moab will still be there when this is all over!" I couldn't agree more...
  17. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals Thread

    That's complete nonsense. At least the salesperson was honest with you. Still, very disappointing. Buyer beware!
  18. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    "Every time I get in my Jeep I smile. That makes it worth it." Precisely! It makes us happy and THAT is what counts. My wife laughs at me every morning when I open my garage door and remote-start my JLUR. The whole dang morning I'm grinning. Love it. Love the waves I give and get. Love...
  19. JLU Soft Top channels

    Bump! I've been wondering the same for my '18 JLUR w/ soft top. I need to go fishing (on my Kayak.) Bueller? Anyone?