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  1. Utah Five Rubicon Tires and Wheels

    Five Rubicon wheels, tires and lug nuts. Tires are BF Goodrich KO2, LT285/70R17, Load Range C, with less than 5,000 miles. Rims are like new. $1,000.
  2. How durable are the stock JL driveshafts after installing a 3.5” lift?

    At the end of this video, when he aligns the pinion angle with the new front driveshaft, he doesn’t seem to be concerned about the resulting change in caster angle. Shouldn’t he be? Thanks.
  3. Utah 2018 JLUR Suspension Components

    Heavy and difficult to package, but if you want to pay for shipping, I may be able to build a wood crate.
  4. Utah 2018 JLUR Suspension Components

    2018 JLUR suspension parts. Jeep ordered with 3.6L, hard top, tow package and steel bumpers. Parts include front and rear springs, front and rear shock absorbers, front and rear sway bar connectors, front and rear track bars, front spring perches, and front lower control arms. All are in...
  5. Front Locker wiring connector issue

    Does the connector shown in your second photo (the one with the wires coming out at a right angle) come in the repair kit? I broke the white locking key on the connector for the FAD, which looks the same as the connector in your photo, while installing a lift kit. Thanks.
  6. Ultimate no-lift goal

    A year ago I posted here that I was very satisfied with my JLUR as it came from the factory, and at that time, I was. However, after following my son’s Toyota Tacoma (6” lift) on various Moab trails, I began to have second thoughts. I was tiring of scrapping over various obstacles he cleared...
  7. Proper way to hook winch to battery

    This is my “manual” disconnect. On the rare occasions when I need the winch, I simply slip the protective sleeve off the winch cable and attach the cable to the right terminal via the wing-nut I added. Not very elegant, but it works.
  8. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    For what it’s worth, a dealer downloaded the ORP app on my 2018 JLUR about a month ago. It has worked seamlessly ever since. :fingerscrossed:
  9. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders

    Sound like you should add “No Longer” to the name of this post. Thanks for the update.
  10. Quadratec Stealth Winch?

    Ebay (, or pm me for my address, send me a self addressed envelope and I’ll send you a couple. I ordered 50 and only...
  11. Quadratec Stealth Winch?

    If you chose to remove the clutch lever on your Quadratec winch, one of the plastic plugs that are being used by several members to improve defroster air flow, can be used to keep debris out of the clutch lever hole. You will need to slightly trim the fins on the sides of the plug with a sharp...
  12. Backup Lights

    I watched this video before attempting to remove the panels: . I wasn’t having much luck threading a wire through the frame. Removing the panels took more than 10 minutes, but I didn’t break any clips. For me, this was the better option. I tend to suffer from OCD at times, and I just preferred...
  13. Backup Lights

    I tied into the Aux switch wire located behind the glove box, ran the wire behind the plastic side paneling to the taillight, fasting the wire to an existing wire bundle with plastic ties, and didn’t use any of the wire loom I had purchased.
  14. Backup Lights

    Actually, I disagree. Making the connections behind the tail light provides easy access to the 7-pin harness, keeps connections to this harness away from weather/road grime exposure and provides a protected area to mount the diodes. Thanks to @Bilymac for the idea.
  15. Backup Lights

    The “white out” is not needed. I assume it reconnects to the 7-pin and would light up trailer backups if the aux switch was turned on. Just tap into the 7-pin w/o wire, don’t cut it and forget about the white out.
  16. UPDATE: Off Road Pages DOES NOT requires a Guardian Services Subscription

    You’re a genius. You should have told us months ago and saved us the effort of trying to get them downloaded.:headbang:
  17. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I think you’re right. The steering stabilizer is probably just a bandaid, and does not address the underlying problem. Also, when I was at the dealership, the parts manager told me that all of the Mopar stabilizers were “junk” and tried to sell me a Fox unit for $200.