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  1. Impact wrench / driver recommendation?

    I love my little dewalt 1/4 with adapters. Helps with running things off. I’ll usually crack the bolt with a breaker, then give it the impact
  2. 2020 Wrangler JLU Willys won’t start owned less than 24 hours

    Looks great! Glad they got it going for you!

    update on my DRL's. Took it to the dealer to recode, they said the BCM was bad and installed a new one. They did NOT add the sales code, regardless they are functioning. The dash is giving an error light, although the lights function perfectly and have been for about a week.
  4. HOT Deal: 15% off Headlight/Fog Light Packages!

    I see this has recently expired, yet is featured on the home page, any way I can still take advantage of this?
  5. Trade-in valuations

    The best way to get an Actual Cash Value of your vehicle is to take to it Carmax. They will offer you the same regardless of whether or not you are shopping with them.
  6. Cracked Windshield Club

    I went to their website, and its saying $514, did you call them or was it all through online?
  7. Cracked Windshield Club

    2 weeks, 600 miles, and I have about 1/2" crack! The CLUB IS REAL!
  8. Halogen to LED DRL - Do I need a dealer code?

    My DRL's work the majority of the time. Probably 90%. When they dont work it says the bulbs are out up front, would this be a resistor, or need coded?

    @humrk311 fortunately mine was offered with the LED tails, we shall see. Probably gonna go tazer route tbh
  10. JL LED fog lamp fitting

    I don't believe so, the JL has two different variants, A 3 hole mount and 2 hole mount. To be honest, I have not changed the JL fogs, but I have done JK fogs.

    So just an update on my swap, I changed the DRL's on Friday. Took the JEEP into service on Monday for some warranty work as well as a BCM Flash. The Service Writer had no idea what was going on, and how it could even possibly be done, so I explained to him what needed to be done. A few hours...
  12. ✊LED Gift Ideas for Father's Day | 10% Sale Sitewide | ORACLE Lighting

    I am a new father to my JL, bought it last Thursday. I am super ready to pull the trigger on the non-rgb LED headlights you offer. Although I have noticed in multiple install videos folks are having to extend the wiring to the fuse tap. has this been remedied, or would I still need to extend them?
  13. 2019 Jeep Wrangler | Long-Term Wrap Up Review by KBB

    Interesting to point out the transmission, it might be my favorite thing about my Wrangler.
  14. Power Mirror Fuse Keeps Blowing

    I bought it from a dealer, I am actually a Sales Manager at Carmax. The vehicle is still under FCA warranty, so I will bring it to them first, just wasn't sure if it was a common thing with an easy fix.
  15. Power Mirror Fuse Keeps Blowing

    Yeah, it doesn't throw any codes, just blows fuses. Seems to be a short, but without pulling everything apart I cant find it.
  16. Power Mirror Fuse Keeps Blowing

    Hey everyone! So I bought a 2018 JLU Sahara and absolutely love it. Noticed that the power mirrors weren’t working, so I looked into the fuse box and lo and behold it was blows. I thought great! That’ll be an easy fix, so today I went and got another fuse, installed! I went ahead and adjusted...

    Appreciate all the info in this thread, just have one question. I am purchasing some Factory DRL LED take-offs, and want to confirm they will fit in my JLU Sahara. Fenders only need to be replaced if they are Sports correct?