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  1. 2018 Rubicon JL 4 Cylinder Turbo sounds like you need to go there ^^. I just read it for you, doesn't sound like anyone has a definitive understanding, just speculation.
  2. 10 months with the 2020 JLU Rubicon: what I liked, what I hate, what I would have done differently

    I guess i'm one of the few, if not only person that actually likes the 4 cylinder turbo sound. My Fiance says it sounds like a disney land ride. I don't drive heavy footed at all, so for me I hear the sound of the actual turbo over the engine noise. Agree about the blind spot monitoring...
  3. What kind of MPG are you all getting with the 2020MY?

    You are going to get a lot of variable answers. I say this from experiences as a cyclist, -+4% grades and winds up to 10MPH are pretty indistinguishable to a driver. Yet, they will indeed make a sizeable difference in people's MPG's. You are going to get answers ranging from 17-18 MPG, up to...
  4. What kind of Jeep owner are you?

    I'd probably confess to being a shiny mall crawler with some light off roading. I just got my jeep recently so no major mods yet. With previous vehicles, and now the Jeep, I enjoy tasteful mods and I take comfort in knowing I have capability, without necessarily using it. Appreciating a...
  5. How do you keep steel bumpers looking shiny?

    I have the rubicon steel bumper and I spray and wipe with the same spray sealant I use on the paint. wax is pretty old school and nothing wrong with it. My understanding is liquid sealants are the modern way to go and much easier on / off application. there’s got to be hundreds of different...
  6. Fiat Chrysler Fired A Warning Shot To Its Workers Over Coronavirus Work Stoppages

    There’s always two sides to a story and I would try to withhold judgement unless you are privy to a full understanding. I’ll give you an example, there’s been numerous headlines about Amazon facilities not being safe and corporate putting employees in dangerous conditions. I recently caught...
  7. Anyone currently using or have used LOD's Destroyer Series Rock Sliders?

    Excellent. My cousin does plan to help me with a jack and stands so this is comforting to hear, thank you.
  8. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    LOL, is that from Spartacus, and you are trolling the Gladiators?
  9. 2018 JLUS Overland Build

    jeep looks great so far, but honestly that is a beautiful home.
  10. Red is now "free"

    my 2020 firecracker was "free".
  11. Anyone currently using or have used LOD's Destroyer Series Rock Sliders?

    Mine are coming in a few to several weeks. Was wondering if anyone had to loosen the body bolts? I watched LOD's install video and read through their instructions. They indicate you "may have to loosen". Really hope I dont end up being one of the unlucky ones with a snapped bolt.
  12. From Steel Bumpers to Floor Mats: What Should I Order?

    Most of the "little" add ons you listed can be had for cheaper off amazon. Like the floor mats, door steps, etc. Things you definitely want from the factory, trailer tow auxiliary group, Alpine System / Uconnect 8.4, steal bumpers (if you like the look, I personally added after the fact and it...
  13. New to Wranglers, trying to pick the best all around model. Looking for insight.

    I'd add that I wanted the 2.0T, and am very happy with it. Right now I'm averaging about 21 mpg on a 4 door rubicon.
  14. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JLU (4-Door) ORDER GUIDE!

    It's a very very mild hybrid system that is added to some jeeps to help improve off the line fuel efficiency by an EPA rating of 1mpg. it's a controversial system with some people being very happy with it, and some people feeling like the maintenance and potential repair cost don't warrant the...
  15. Confused Newb: Rubicon 4H/L and Lockers

    so does my analogy/understanding of center lock hold true? For example, when people talk about Land Cruisers having a Center lock (triple lock), this is because it locks up the front and rears to rotate at the same speed, thus not allowing slippage from front to back. Therefor the term center...
  16. Confused Newb: Rubicon 4H/L and Lockers

    question, I'm trying to make sense of all the different awd/4wd/full time 4wd/full time awd... this all started with the 2021 discussions. Am I correct in understanding that being in 4H, or 4L, is the equivalent to a center locking diff? and because of this, that's the primary difference...
  17. Unleaded Gas question for 2.0L engine

    when you say low quality fuel, are you implying lower octane fuel, ie 87? When I hear people use the term “low quality fuel” i think of hole in the wall gas stations or cheap gas stations like Arco. but say chevron 87, is that considered low quality?
  18. Unleaded Gas question for 2.0L engine

    I'll throw in my 2 cents with everyone else. I'll preface I won't insinuate I know any better than anyone else. My understanding is if the engine is tuned to run on 87, then it's fine. However if you want "peak performance", the higher the octane the more power you can extract from the...
  19. Trade-in valuations

    I just went through a trade in process 2 weeks ago on a 2018 Toyota Camry. KBB "trade in value" said anywhere from 18-20k, depending on condition. Jeep dealer, and a Toyota dealer who would have been able to turn the vehicle around as a CPO, both offered 17k. I took it to car max as a last...
  20. 2021 red color option

    is this color in addition or in place of fire cracker? If it's in place of, I'm glad I scored my 2020.