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  1. Illinois Roam side steps small rusting

    What kind of beer :)
  2. Wrangler goes airborne

    JL would have landed that for sure!
  3. Help me decide: do I need just tires or wheels and tires

    Look for rubi wheel/tire takeoffs for what you’d pay for just new tires?
  4. Interior lighting question

    It’s almost equivalent to a blank switch for us sport owners
  5. Interior lighting question

    Hopefully you discover your cup holder light tonight too.
  6. Interior lighting question

    Wait until it’s very dark Outside and you will notice the minimal amount of dimming if provides.
  7. Interior lighting question

    Forgot ... dims the cup holder too.
  8. Interior lighting question

    no footwell lights for us sport owners (speaking as a ‘18 sport owner)
  9. Interior lighting question

    Dims the LEDs that light up your door handles. Honestly. Needs to be pretty dark to see the minor amount of dimming.
  10. ROAM Side Steps Install

    No experience on hitting rocks, but my powder coating is really poor and mine are rusting pretty badly. I’m in Chicago and snow/salt could accelerate the rust.
  11. Audio Build - My neighbors are gonna hate me

    Just read through everything. Great to see the impressive build pics. Looks amazing and I’m sure it sounds even better.
  12. Carrying a bike without a hitch

    If you like your Thule, Another option is to get an extender or swing extender
  13. Carrying a bike without a hitch

    Zoom in on pic and you can see it’s an Allen rack (Allen is lower end of racks IMHO): I believe Hollywood is better quality vs Allen...
  14. Carrying a bike without a hitch
  15. Carrying a bike without a hitch

    Do some searches On this forum. . That plate comes off. yep. Sahara has that plate. Do a search
  16. New York SOLD - JLU Hardtop for Sale (Body Color Black)

    That’s a heck of a deal for someone near you!
  17. E-ZPass® transponder - Plasti-Dip & Mount with ...

    Sorry for the late reply. I left it on license plate vs putting in the bumper. No one has stolen it yet :)
  18. Illinois Top Lift Pro Door Cart Assembled for Sale IL $150 OBO

    Hi. Can you share your location? I’m in NW suburbs. (I’m not sure how to PM with new site???)
  19. Another Member JLU Collision Report (with video)

    Glad your wife is ok! Her taking the hit could have saved someone’s life if that driver would have tboned someone in the intersection. Crazy!