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  1. Wrangler goes airborne

    Must've just finished binge watching all seven seasons of the Dukes of Hazzard.
  2. Just got road raged by a Karen

    I love that approach. One of my favorites is to make eye contact with a jerk driver, smile, give them a thumbs up then rotate to a thumbs down with a little down emphasis at the end. No one ever seems to know what to do with that...
  3. Looking for pictures of 2 specific jeeps before making my decision

    I know you asked for Firecracker or Billet, but if it helps at all, here's my Granite Crystal two door with 35's on the stock (optional black) wheels and the Mopar 2" lift. Hope this might be somewhat helpful to at least give you a flavor of the overall stance/look. I think either the red or...
  4. Need Help with deciding before ordering new Rubicon 2 Door

    Didn't have it stock for very long before I put the 35's and lift on it, but I would say it actually drives better than stock. The only thing I've noticed is slightly more nose dive under heavy braking, but it's tuned very nicely for off roading, which is what we use ours for primarily. Used a...
  5. Need Help with deciding before ordering new Rubicon 2 Door

    Thanks! We love it! And while we didn't get the Jeep because of the gas mileage, I'm regularly getting 21+ mpg with a mix of city, highway and trail driving with the 2.0. Which is helpful since the two door has a little tiny gas tank- 17.5 gallons, IIRC.
  6. Passenger AIRBAG disabling?

    You can't do it manually, and the owner's manual (page 279 in the 2018 U.S. version) is pretty explicit about not putting a child seat in the front seat. While the light weight of the child seat and child might turn the airbag off via the weight sensor, I wouldn't trust it with my kiddo.
  7. Need Help with deciding before ordering new Rubicon 2 Door

    Two door with the 2" Mopar lift and 35's is a great combo, IMHO- actually got closer to 3". The two door with the 2.0L is a quick little ride, even with the 35's, and the turbo means I don't lose as much HP here in Colorado, where some trails regularly get you over 10,000' msl.
  8. ARB twin compressor dimensions please

    That's the only output location. You can rotate the outlet through a small arc to have it straight up, or down somewhat. I have mine with the JK Innovations underseat mount with the outlet all the way down- just slightly less than 5" thick on my set up (not including the mounting plate).
  9. Used 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

    Or that it's apparently in Dubai...
  10. still in business?

    Still in business it seems, but their customer service sucks- good luck getting through. Ordered a Rancho diff skid last month, and never got an "out of stock" message or any other status update about my order three weeks after ordering. After a week of trying to get a hold of them to cancel...
  11. Who has their top down?

    Top down here- perfect for the parade lead at a 5 year old's birthday party drive by last weekend!
  12. Garage door opener on roof rack?

    This is but one example of the impact of legalized weed here in Colorado...
  13. Hardtop Storage for JLUR

    I can't recommend the Toplift Pro enough. I don't have enough overhead space in my garage to hang my hardtop, so the TopLift was the perfect solution for storage for me, as I can drive my JLR right under the top, and I just hang the Freedom panels in their bag on the wall. It also makes...
  14. What does a TPMS warning look or sound like?

    I should have been more clear- unless you want to completely disable the TPMS system (which I do not), the lowest the Tazer will currently let you set it to is 25 psi.
  15. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    You don't have to remove the seat to install it, you just remove the rear two bolts, tip the seat forward and slide the bracket underneath- not sure if JLU front seats work the same. On my two door JL, you can tilt and slide the seat forward and get to 90% of the compressor it you need to do...
  16. What does a TPMS warning look or sound like?

    It will, but mine won't let you set it below 25 psi, so when aired down to trail pressures, the light will still come on.
  17. Soft Top Options for 2-door JL Sport

    Make that another endorsement for the Mopar premium twill top. We run ours frequently in the "safari" mode with the windows off. Super easy to fold down from there to full top down mode.
  18. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Mine doesn't really get too hot at all after five minutes of continuous use, but I do leave the passenger seat tipped foward when it's running, as there's minimal clearance between the compressor and seat bottom. I'm more concerned about the heat damaging the wiring and other components under...
  19. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I've had this kit installed in my '18 JLR for almost a year (just for tires), and have used it at least a couple dozen times since. The hoses and fittings are just fine, and I wouldn't call them flimsy at all. They are really flexible and roll up into a nice small bundle The push to connect...
  20. Colorado ARB Bushranger X-Jack Airbag Never Used

    I would, but that would be in addition to the $200, which might not be such a great deal- if you PM me your zip, I'll give you an estimate- thanks!