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  1. PLEASE HELP! Creaking rubber at bottom of the cargo glass

    Since I'm not as industrious as Mikey (i.e. lazy), I'm gonna give that a try Jared. I wasn't really worried about the creaks, but now Mikey has got me to thinking. And, that's very dangerous for me, just ask my wife. :)
  2. PLEASE HELP! Creaking rubber at bottom of the cargo glass

    I get that completely Mikey. It's like a fat girl on a Moped. You just can't unsee that.
  3. I don't get the Sahara

    I agree. Here in the east you look at a Sahara on a lot, and the vast majority will have the leather interior while the Sport, and Sport S will have cloth. That makes it easier to sell the Sahara to those that want leather, and of course there is also a bigger profit margin for the dealer...
  4. I don't get the Sahara

    OK. Imma gonna tell my age. Back in the old days manufacturers would just make a base model vehicle, and then the option list was a mile long. You could simple check the boxes you liked without any "Oh yeah, if you want that option you have to buy these 2 others options." Options you may not...
  5. I don't get the Sahara

    31, I was going to say the same thing. The must have options that came with Sahara is the reason I bought one. Problem with the Sport S now is that if you want this, you can't have that. And, if you want that you can't have this. So, I would still have to get the Sahara. Strange, but I've seen...
  6. That looks expensive

    Rich people park in the strangest places. :LOL:
  7. PLEASE HELP! Creaking rubber at bottom of the cargo glass

    Michael, my hard top does it also. I figure it's just the nature of the beast, and let 'er creak right on. :)
  8. Hearing clicking noise from the rear

    Just throwing something to check, because I'm not really sure. You could check the torque on lug nuts back there. When a lug, or two are loose you can get a clicking sound. I hope it's something that easy for you.
  9. Wrangler goes airborne

    "When Jeeps Fly" wait, can't use that anymore. They do fly.
  10. Rust spot on new JLUR

    I'm sure the dealer will fix you right up. After getting my Sahara home I found some bad areas on one of the removable top panels. I called my dealer, and he said come on by. When I got there my salesguy looked at it, walked over to a Jeep sitting on the sidewalk, pulled a good panel off, and I...
  11. Boomerang Launches Tire Cover Line Designed for New Jeep Wrangler JL Backup Camera System

    Jeff, I'm impressed by their customer service also. The cover they sent me wasn't properly cut around the camera surround, and material started to pull away from the surround. A couple pictures was sent, and they promptly sent me another. If only other companies worked that well.
  12. Best JLU trim for daily driver?

    I think it will depend on the must have options for you. If there are few the Sport S will do a fine job for your usage. I'm one that has grown accustom to things like heated seats, nice stereo, leather, reverse sensors, etc. Oh, and now with the heated steering wheel on mine, this has become a...
  13. Carrying a bike without a hitch

    You can use some velcro strips to secure it if you want. Due to nerve damage my wife has to ride a 3 wheeler. I just roll it in the back, and secure it with velcro through the tie downs. I have done the same with my bike, but decided to buy a hitch, and hitch mounted rack for the 2 wheeler. And...
  14. No sound from speakers

    Thanks my friend. That's easy. I'll try that first next time as I'm sure there will be a next time. :)
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I had to pull fuse 97 to get the audio back on my Alpine system. Does that count? :)
  16. Market crash = My Jeep dreams are put on hold :-(

    Max, I'm guessing I'm older than you so I'll put forward some sage advice. :) I've been through a few of these (none from a damn virus though), and while it is quite aggravating the market will rebound. Maybe now as soon as you want (didn't for me), but it will get there. As the old saying goes...
  17. No sound from speakers

    I know I'm late to the party here, but my Alpine systems audio stopped today. Nothing, NADA, from any source. But, after going through some of the threads I tried the "Pull Fuse 97" method first. Success, audio had returned. Thanks to all that has come here before me, and for all of the...
  18. Sahara Wrangler as daily driver

    I use mine as a DD, and have been quite impressed with the ride and gas mileage. The drive, and ride is much better than I expected from a Wrangler.
  19. Technology package worth $1000?

    It was one of those must haves for me. I looked at it this way. Jeeps ain't cheap, so what's another 1000 bucks in the whole scheme of things. Good luck on your decision.
  20. Road crown sensitivity

    Josh is correct, it's the nature of the beast. And, the dead spot is just part of the solid front axle with a pitman arm. It's all good. I bought my first ever Jeep in May of this year. My first thought was this thing drives like chit, somethings gotta be wrong. But, I soon discovered I was...