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  1. Jeep Capitulates to the Insanity

    No I do not have faith in the fire department nor the police. They have 0 obligation to protect me or put themselves in harms way for me
  2. Fog light wiring harness

    I had winch going in so I did not order that part. I will say I ended up with a lot of extra screws/bits but ordered all I would need just to be safe. Having the extras has come in handy though as some are useful for other parts of the JT.
  3. Fog light wiring harness 68336460AD I think they are a sponsor here, I emailed their website and got a free shipping, which wad 25% of the order cost! Here is everything I had to order to get the bumper and plate on
  4. Fog light wiring harness

    From what I understand yes. I ended up just ordering a harness for $25
  5. Do you wave at Gladiators?

    Too many Jeeps for that. This JT waves at Wranglers though
  6. Jeep Capitulates to the Insanity

    A remnant of a remnant of a great people
  7. Jeep Capitulates to the Insanity

    they are a noisy minority. I yet have faith in the general population.
  8. Chalk Test Results

    I like even tire wear. Tires be expensive
  9. Wrangler goes airborne

    From FB the Jeep driver was drunk. I believe the post was by the guy who owned the car hit and the home it was parked at.
  10. Chalk Test Results

    Tried doing a chalk test, seemed simple. I am running Falken MT01 mud terrains in 35x12.5x17 on factory rims at 30psi on a hot day. Ran the test in adjacent lot after work. At 30psi I am still over inflated, as the chalk left of the pavement is about an inch or two narrower than the measured...
  11. Will 325 65 18 tires fit on stock Sahara wheels?

    It is funny how we can have threads where the consensus is “oh it’s just half an inch off, you’ll be fine” and “you’re half an inch off, it will rub” regarding fitment of anything. For what it’s worth, my stock wheels fit 35x12.5x17 tires. I have wider axles that result in no rubbing against...
  12. Jeep Almost Got My Family Killed (Battery Issues)

    Just wait until you have your alternator go out on the highway. Then everything shuts down and car rolls to a stop. Fun times.
  13. 35s on STOCK wheels NO lift

    Not a JL but this JT fit the Falken MTs 35x12.5x17 on stock wheels, no lift, no leveling kit, no wheel spacers. No rubbing and only hit the fender flare when climbing over large rocks at steeper angles. This is the Sport S with Max Tow, meaning it has the wider axles with 4:10 gearing I added...
  14. LOD bumper vs truck, bumper wins

    Hire a personal injury attorney and make sure you run car fax and KBBB reports now before the incident goes on the vehicle's history. Use that to evidence the diminished re-sale value of your Jeep because of this collision and make a claim for diminished value with the insurance company of the...
  15. Need Prayers sent to me. I am taking about 15 Jeep women camping and Jeeping this weekend.

    Are these hot women? Because then you will need extra prayers
  16. Runico Fender Flare Takeoffs onto Sport Install, and Surprise!

    Adding, the plastic bits are not cheap! Dealership wanted $5-6/push pin and $3 for plastic rivets. I got them for about $1-2 at JeepHut dont know why random pics posted, I copied from my thread in the JT forum. Fixing
  17. Runico Fender Flare Takeoffs onto Sport Install, and Surprise!

    So a few weeks ago, just as my 35s were installed, I was able to work out a deal for some Rubicon Fender Flare takeoffs for $250 with about a couple hours travel to get them. They didnt come with the parking lights and turn signals, liners, or any of the pushpins, but the fender clips were...
  18. Sliced 2 BFG KO2s 10 minutes apart on Arkansas trails

    How much has this run ya so far, aside from cost of tires
  19. Sliced 2 BFG KO2s 10 minutes apart on Arkansas trails

    We have a lot of sharp rocks here in KY. Jeep shop said they have yet to see a Falken tire come in for repair or replacement under warranty (which is a no-questions asked, replace if they cant fix). If that’s worth anything.
  20. Tires chipping?

    Apparently Nittos are the same when off roading. Luckily I dont do lots of rocks but still