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  1. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    Does it keep me up at night knowing it is there? No. I have learned just to press the button after I start it. It does bother me that it added pointless weight and cost to my vehicle. If I thought it would be beneficial to me or the trees and wanted it, I would have checked the option box.
  2. Rusty's Offroad Hinge Tire Carrier?

    Have had it on for a few thousand miles. Mostly road but have pounded on a few trails as well. Put a heavier tire on it and now the combo is approx 105-110lbs. I have taken it apart and adjusted better for a closer fit to the tailgate. I drilled a hole it it and used the factory rubber...
  3. Anyone currently using or have used LOD's Destroyer Series Rock Sliders?

    Have their signature one and no touchy the bolts. Should be same set-up on yours.
  4. EZTrunk looks interesting

    that was for a different product
  5. EZTrunk looks interesting

    Exactly. Great concept poor marketing. I generally do not preorder an unknown without knowing the price. I was hoping the production run does not have the logo on it like the video (even for $50).
  6. CMM (Carolina Metal Masters) Mirror Storage

    Did not know this was a problem...
  7. help please with rock rail selection

    Installed the LOD signature series and did not even need to loosen the body bolts to install the rails. Must have been lucky.
  8. Magnaflow Axle Back Exhaust??

    Has MF fixed the fitment issues of the pipe that I have read about on the first JL's?
  9. Mirrors for grab handle?

    Had in stock when I ordered. Worth the wait for you,
  10. Road Trip - Hard top or Soft Top

    We make road trips with soft top. Unpacking at hotel is part of the payment for the privilege of going topless when we want. Road noise is nothing in a soft top. Tire noise is higher. It is a Jeep and is the most illogical road trip vehicle (comfort, noise, steering, security, MPG, etc) but...
  11. Wow Moab trails may soon be taken over by oil companies

    There are more than 535 members on this forum, correct?
  12. Wrangler imagined as a Sedan

    Where are all the bleeding hearts that say "haters will hate" and "its your jeep do what you want". This shows that there are limits on things and not everything is right (cough cough angry grills).
  13. Undercarriage wash detergent?

    I either drive mine in the rain and deep (clean) puddles or just take it through a carwash that has a undercarriage wash. Not stressing. We have plenty of salt here in the winters and had had no issues.
  14. Doors Off Driving Just Impractical?

    On a nice day (or even on a crappy day) - no better or more relaxing feeling than doors and top off with one foot hanging out. That is a Jeep and nothing else can compare with that one.
  15. Doors Off Driving Just Impractical?

    Same here but then got sick of all the flapping in the wind...
  16. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    Had same rock issue with both the stock KO2's and the 35" KO2's - they are notorious for slinging gravel. Switched to an aggressive MT and almost zero slinging.
  17. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    A stock Rubicon wll do what you need of it - depending on your definitions of use. Self-recovery gear (winch, etc) Ground Clearance (even just a modest left) Appropriate Tires (durable and aggressive AT or MT) These three will make even a Sahara tackle most trails out there. Aux switches are...