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  1. Steel bumper

    And this is why I stayed away!
  2. Steel bumper

    Sounds like he got greedy when his messages started coming in. And then everyone ran when he jacked the price. I was excited about it for a moment until I remembered I hate buying stuff from people that can't be straight about the price
  3. Camping NY/CT (Long Shot)

    Housatonic Meadows in Western CT is a nice place. Right on a slow part of the river. Not real far south of Lime Rock Raceway. Or see about Tolland State Park in the Berkshires MA. Right on the lake there.
  4. Topless manual transmission

    Just like stopping on a hill, just leave the wheels turned full either side. If anyone does want to roll your Jeep it will make fun circles for them.
  5. Question for anyone who has removed Euro fender flares from 2018 JL

    It will clip back in if you cut and reinstall the bumper end covers
  6. Is there a Key FOB window down function?

    It existed on the Grand Cherokees for a few years, but Jeep discontinued it around 2013 or 2014. Never yet seen it on any of their other vehicles
  7. Will we ever see factory half doors?

    I have doubts that it will ever happen too. Would love them, but I hope someone can figure how to modify the JCR doors to fit uppers. That's as good as I think we will get
  8. Summer Shutdown Cancelled at Toledo Plant to Meet Wrangler Demand

    They better cancel vacation. My local dealer has less than 10 JL/JT vehicles left on the lot. I was there for the clutch recall, and the sales side was busy
  9. Who has their top down?

    It's been an absolutely beautiful 3-4 weeks straight here in NH. Even the cold nights don't make me get the top up
  10. Sport & Rubicon grill interchangeable?

    Sport is a molded 1 piece. Others have the 3 trim pieces
  11. What does everybody do for a living?

    I worked in ER's for a decade, but my only job for the last 7 years is Dad. My wife travels too much for her job for me to hold down a regularly scheduled job
  12. Show off your DIY painted dash

    Ocean blue with a mojito dash... Interesting. You should take a wider pic for the color contrast to show up better
  13. Why do Willys have black grilles? Easy to swap to body colored grilles?

    Swapping a grille is nice easy work. I changed mine to Gloss black a short time ago
  14. JL Aluminum Half Doors - Now Available!

    This is what I want to do. Hope the Bestop uppers work out well
  15. Zipper wax for soft top windows

    The Bestop lube always did a good job for my JKU zippers. The soap trick on the original top it came with worked okay for a while, but not great.
  16. Show off your DIY painted dash

    The color makes the interior look much more well done. Black and gray everything gets real boring. Not the cheapest if you use a paint shop, but a great finish
  17. Soft top lock

    Yes. Only to lock the top all the way back
  18. 2020 JL Battery Help

    As long as the clamp is solidly attached anywhere on the bracket/post will do
  19. How about a JLU XL?!

    Didn't Chevy try that with the original avalanche? Don't remember that lasting long so it must not have been a great idea. A full covered bed has an advantage, but a wall between you and cargo is still the safest situation