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  1. California Rubicon Steel Bumper - Plastic Winch Cover Plate wanted

    If you are in San Diego area I have one you can pick up for $30.
  2. JL Retractable Sunshade

    Bringing back the 2 year old video with retractable sunshade @ 11:45. Cant think of another product anyone wants before this one @Bestop
  3. California Rock Hard Belly Skid San Diego

    Looking to lighten up the build, I have a full Rock Hard 4x4 belly skid system for the 3.6 in great condition. Don't even think I have hit a rock yet. Located in San Diego for pick up only. Looking for $900 OBO and an hour or two of your time to assist me in taking the skids down...
  4. Synergy track bar install (pre production)

    @AllJumpStyle can you add anything to this issue?
  5. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    That is highly likely, most of their components say 2" minimum bump. When I installed in my garage I didn't have the height to cycle it, and just went by the recommendations. I'll stretch her out in Big Bear over the 4th and come back and tinker with them.
  6. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    Based on Synergy's page for a Rubicon with untrimmed fenders with 4.5 BS. Haven't had a chance to cycle it yet to see if I can take one out. I'll be out on the trails over the 4th and will be looking to see if I can...
  7. JL Retractable Sunshade

    Keeping fingers crossed for this. I bought a Rugged Ridge front one that has the cutouts for the front handles but it’s a really bad cover and have to reach out the window to raise up and down. XG Cargo has a magnetic version that the front flaps back and out of the way for the handles but...
  8. AVG MPG After Lift kit/Tires...GO!

    JLUR 3.6 Auto, 4.88 gears, 3” Synergy lift, 37” Nitto Ridge Grappler, Hard Top, Fridge/Powertank/Goosegear/steel bumpers/winch/belly skid/rock slide engineering sliders. So it’s pretty heavy, get an average at 13.5 MPG with mostly city miles. 17.5 MPG went cruise control is set on 70.
  9. Removed Stock Muffler

    Anyone happen to know what the factory catback exhaust weights?
  10. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    That’s like saying the cheapest option to deflate your tires is pushing your key on the valve core. There is always a cheaper option, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most convenient.
  11. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    I did them last weekend. All super simple except for the passenger side sway bar relocation bracket. I think the factory weld was off by an 1/8 of an inch and really had to hammer on it to get into place. They are easy to disconnect and the ride fees much better without sway bar links that are...
  12. Arb single compressor mounting options..

    Yeah I have pony tales mount. Works well as my back up.
  13. Jackery Explorer 500 portable generator

    I bought the Dometic PLB40 battery and it’s been great. I get around 3 days running my ARB 37 leaving me at around 20% if I don’t plug it into the Jeep to recharge. It’s a 40AH battery where this Jackery model is only 24AH, so it wouldn’t run my setup for a full weekend without recharging it...
  14. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    Installing sway bar disconnects in the front and links in the rear. Fun day.
  15. External frame racks (Gobi & Garvin)

    Garvin is based in San Diego so run by and see if you can make a deal.
  16. Garvin Half Rack

    Has anyone bought this half rack yet?
  17. Coral Canyon run May 8th or 9th

    Amazing what a day does, Corral Canyon trails are open. I’ve only done the loop out there, and I don’t have my bump stops or swaybar links set up yet or I would give it a go.
  18. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    I have it mounted in the lowest possible spot and it is 18.5” from my Goosegear platform to the bottom lip of the shelf. With my 37qt on the AAL fridge slide I have a little over and inch clearance between the lid and bottom of the shelf. I included a picture of the side mount and how it is...
  19. JL Retractable Sunshade

    Lee, it was said you guys scrapped slider. Are you saying the idea wasn’t scrapped and the current pandemic is causing the lack of transparency on this product?
  20. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    Makes sense, I’m running your 3” coils and love them. Been waiting on this one for awhile now.