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  1. Grab Handles

    I like them a lot. I like to lower-profile you get with the metal handles and being able to "fold" them up when you don't need them is an added bonus.
  2. Regarding the engine stop start feature

    Not sure of your exact experience, but I have the ESS and, if you're trying to cool/ warm the cabin and the computer senses the cabin temperature isn't optimal, it will disengage the ESS and kick the AC or heater back on. This was my fist ESS system and I also came to realize I had a bad habit...
  3. Rigid Ignite backup light installed

    I really like this! How did you mount them there?
  4. Help me with my "offroad basics" mods list

    Regarding Air – I too had considered the Smittybilt compressor. But, after reading a number of reviews, decided on the Viair 40045. It's a little more expensive, but the reviews led me to believe it's more reliable than the Smittybilt. I've been please with it so far...
  5. Texas Hill Country Overland Route

    A little late to the game here, but wanted to ask... have you saved these routes to Gaia or onX Offroad? I believe they can be shared through those apps but haven't figured it out yet.
  6. Bumper mounting options

    I can't find the thread at the moment, but I know some folks on here have removed the "strip" that's in the middle of the plastics front bumper, giving them access the bolts underneath to mount brackets to. This is the diagram for the steel Mopar bumper, but the plastic one also has a similar...
  7. how to install JL Steel bumper fog light bezel?

    I've messed with these twice. When I added the Mopar steel bumper, I installed the longer bezels. Ended up not liking the look of them and put the shorter ones back on. The plastic rivets are a pain in the butt to get to catch, even with a rivet gun. And you have to break them to get them...
  8. Black Wheels, White Rubi. HELP!

    Counterpoint/thought: Last week I saw a white Rubi with red Fuel Zepher wheels, and it looked AWESOME (the Zepher also comes in all-black).
  9. Best and Easiest Sun Shade?

    I have the Hothead Headliners sun shade and love it, <> The hooks make it a breeze to take off and put back on.
  10. Lift cons?

    I'm currently struggling with this as well. My current (but will probably change in 5 minutes) thought is that I'll either stick with 33" tires but go to 12.5" width (currently have the stock Rubi 33 KO2s) or move up to 35/12.5 but stay on the stock Rubi suspension with either.
  11. Steepest youve gone with your wrangler? Think i almost rolled mine.

    I hit 23 roll one time at an adventure with my daughter in the passenger seat . We had to stop briefly for traffic in multiple directions and hold position. While she was giggling in her state of delightful obliviousness, I too was puckered and thinking, "Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit" while...
  12. Door nets recommendations?

    I agree with Style #2, if it matches the Rubicon red interior.
  13. Baja Designs Awesome LP Series Support Thread

    @Baja Designs, I'm considering adding a 10" light bar to my front bumper (OEM Mopar steel), under the bull bar and in front of the winch. I'd be using it primarily for back road/trail driving but also want another low-mounted light source for foggy/dusty and severe rain conditions. I have the...
  14. KC HiLiTES Gravity LED G4 Amber Fog Lights

    I too love the amber lights. Though I've made my bed with Baja Designs. I want to add a 10" amber light bar under the bull bar and I think I'll be happy (for now)!
  15. First trip to Hidden Falls July 10th?

    Indeed! I've been there once in some light rain that followed a few days of heavier rain. You'll definitely have to take your time and be a little extra cautious on some of the obstacles. The rocks will be extra slick. I didn't have a winch at the time so I avoided the muddier spots. Some...
  16. Grab Handles

    I too have the One-Touch roof and I went with the GPCA Grip LITE handles. Takes a little bit of effort, but you can get them through the SOT frame.
  17. Sky One-Touch Top Roof Rack Options

    I'm really happy with it. Just used it on a 6hr drive with two soft cargo bags on it and it held everything perfectly. The initial assembly is a bit of a pain because the angle to get the bolts into the cross bars is difficult. I got my son (smaller hands) to help out with that part. But...
  18. Need advice on roof rack!

    As long as the kayak mount is compatible with the cross bar width, I don't see why you couldn't mount them. As far as the upward lift, I'm not sure. I've only used it with soft cargo bags. However, I did discover these awesome tie downs, <>. I imagine if you run them...
  19. Looking For Some Good Quality 2"-5" A Pillar Cube Lights

    <> I have these and love them.
  20. Anybody using shadeidea sunshade?

    Not so much a concern as an inconvenience. I have the One-Touch roof and my kids like to stand up in the back when we do things like a Trail of Lights, drive-by parade for a birthday (stupid COVID...), etc... Taking it off was easy enough, but having to keep track of what length elastic band...