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  1. Help Identify this Part!!! (please)

    it has a little grease in the rubber gasket. Hmmm... well, ... i suppose--- its not hurting anything.
  2. Help Identify this Part!!! (please)

    FOUND this under my seats after taking them out. please [email protected]!! what are they and where do they go?
  3. How do you get your dog into the Jeep

    Hey, found this from a JK forum after doing a google search. Ill let you know how it goes, but it seems to be a perfect solution with the added bonus of using to access rooftop. etc...
  4. 9in true led aftermarket halo style headlights

    Those Kiwis look great!! very tempting.... Anyone install these? they look great but you have to open oem fixture-- scares me
  5. Racechip piggyback tuner for 2.0 JL

    oooh hmmmm.... want to see that review
  6. Sound: Volume Issues [uconnect]

    Here are three samples. I am not sure if the issue is coming across. All I can say is: #1) it isnt HD issue #2) it is not speed volume issue #3) it is not the station---its VERY local It only happens to radio stations (NOT XM--and can even click over to XM without issue) and it has happened a...
  7. Sound: Volume Issues [uconnect]

    yeah... I only have the 7"... and it honestly doesnt sound like a "HD" thing. It sounds almost like---- bad connection or maybe even a messed up or dysregulated Active Noise Control issue
  8. UConnect4 and Android Auto mapping over Bluetooth

    good catch... Havent seen this happen for me yet. Anyone else successful?
  9. Sound: Volume Issues [uconnect]

    Anyone else experiencing intermittent volume issues on only the FM radio? Also... anyone experience the radio sound turning on after answering the connected phone..EVEN THOUGH the radio was a)never turned on and b)the display never turned on either ill try to post youtube vid when i have a...
  10. Comparing MPG with 91 and with 89 octane

    click "up" and "down" on the controls to the left on the wheel. then click "ok.".
  11. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Poison Spyder the SpyderShell Armor Coat worth it? I like a few of their front bumpers....but I like one of the DV8 a little bit more. However, if the SpyderShell Armor is worth it....then that would sell me on it. What do you all think?
  12. Comparing MPG with 91 and with 89 octane

    Just like Relbus said...go to screen setup. Its pretty cool how much you can change the display. Rockreid... I am curious--- are we all just "afraid" to put in 87 in our turbos? I mean, do we really think it will harm something in the future? Or just make a small "engine knock" that we can...
  13. Comparing MPG with 91 and with 89 octane

    Hey everyone. Since before people even had their turbos there was debate over what the real life MPG was going to be. Just wanted a space for MPG discussion. Ive been putting 91 octane and getting about 25 mpg (when I am not driving like a maniac). How about you all? what are you getting?
  14. uConnect 4: 7 Inch Users

    stock antenna... turned off sound adj for speed
  15. Have your 2.0T? Post your pictures and impressions

    What do u think of my decals.?? i dunno yet. still debating. 25mpg!!! I LOVE MY TURBOOOOOO

    JLU Sport S Turbo! whatcha think? i may tear it off.... lol
  17. uConnect 4: 7 Inch Users

    Hey all.... I find quite a few people in here have the 7 inch or are asking questions about upgrading to the 7 inch. I upgraded my Sport S Unlimited Turbo to the 7 inch with Alpine (infotainment package i think it was called). Generally speaking, I like the android auto. However, I found---...
  18. Any 2.0L Jeep Wrangler JL in sight for delivery?

    I wish the factory mats ---well....actually were installed the right way. I mean--- it was kind of the purpose of me ordering them from factory. Anyone else see this? BTW...LOVING MY TURBO!!! 25mpg...and climbing.... good stuff