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  1. Why do JL owners do this?

    If the Jeep never touches the dirt than why would you need all that extra sidewall? Post a pick of your Jeep

    With your current setup, there isn't anything that can be adjusted other than the toe. Since you most likely didn't touch the tie rod, there should be no reason to get the toe adjusted. You could just get a read out for fairly cheap and see where it is all at.
  3. Will adding a steel bumper and winch cause front end sag in my JL rubicon with stock suspension?

    I'd say you will see 3/4 of an inch lower front end and may also notice the front dips a bit more when braking. Have someone that is 170lbs stand on the front and see what you get. That weight would settle a bit more over time but it'll give you an idea.
  4. Torx bolt size for front bumper?

    M8 x 1.25mm x 35mm Mopar Part #: 68342211AA - $1.99
  5. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Yeah, that is most likely your best bet. Those fuses seem pretty rare. I believe they are called slotted MCASE Cartridge Fuses but cannot find much info on them.
  6. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Yep, on the back of the lid you will see the fuse location (f93 etc) if you didn't notice already.
  7. Opinions on Fab Fours products?

    I like the rear fenders for the JL. If they had something for the front that wasn't so extreme I'd go for it. Not sure if you have seen this but check out the half doors on this Toyota. They are above and beyond anything you have seen... Don't drool too much :)
  8. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Running a couple KC SlimLite LED Spots
  9. Hertz liquidating JL Wranglers - Are these a good deal?

    Well, lets take a closer look at just the first one. 2019 Wrangler Unlimited Sport 4x4 - VIN: 1C4HJXDN9KW588642 Window Sticker: Build Sheet...
  10. Help deciphering this offer.

    Here is a little friends and family story for some to ponder. There's a young girl that has been looking at cars for about a year now and has finally decided on a make/model. Her boyfriend just bought a newer car a couple of months prior from a friend of the family. Since that friend worked at...
  11. Help deciphering this offer.

    Your post brought up a really good point but first to answer your question... no, those numbers would not normally include taxes, title, plates, or any negotiated doc fees. It is just the other items that they like to add that might add up to some substantial cash. They may even say it is...
  12. Remove AEV procal before bringing to dealer?

    To get to the point, yes, you would flash back to stock settings and remove the programmer. You wouldn't want to mention it or blatantly show them that you have a programmer. This may be a better question than you realize though... Because here you are with 37" tires that have caused the...
  13. Help deciphering this offer.

    The sob story - Guy is mad: So after they agree to some deal and start talking real numbers. They may use some sort of tactic on you to make you think they should get another few hundred more dollars from you. When you are going through the numbers paperwork and you are crossing items off with...
  14. Help deciphering this offer.

    Practice the art of buying a car: My advice to anyone that wants to learn more about how to do something is to practice. It is most likely advice you have heard before. If you want to be confident at something, it is best to have some previous engagement in that situation. The more you know...
  15. Help deciphering this offer.

    Who's incentive is it anyway: When looking at incentives. Don't get all hung up in what is available and what is not. Dealers tend to like to talk about the items that reduce the cost of the vehicle. You don't really care about all that, you just care about the final price of the vehicle...
  16. Help deciphering this offer.

    Interest Rate Shuffle: Many people don't look at the cost of the vehicle after interest charges. They just want it now and that is what the dealers count on. In Cuyose's purchase above the 0% rate is saving them thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. So not only did they get the %...
  17. Help deciphering this offer.

    We will make you wait and see how you feel about it tomorrow: As you can imagine there are thousands of salesman and hundreds of different tactics that they have come across over the years to get people to buy cars. So sometimes you find yourself the guinea pig to some of those tactics. One of...
  18. Help with roof racks please!

    Yeah, you are kind of stuck with that type of mounting system unless you go with a rack that holds less weight. You could rig up something to hold the rhino rack on a couple of rails but would most likely not have much left over as far as weight handling. Also, some of those rail/rack systems...
  19. Help deciphering this offer.

    That was a very detailed walk through of what most people will go through if they can keep their cool and stick to their guns. Thumbs up ToPar9 and good read...Thank you :clap:
  20. Help deciphering this offer.

    Call around to other dealers in your area... pick any brand of vehicle and ask what their doc fee is. How much should you pay for someone to complete the paperwork for the financing, licensing/registration, etc? I mean, when you go to register your vehicle in a year.. are you going to pay...