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  1. $3,995 Xtreme Recon Package For Jeep JL Wrangler Unleashed at 2021 Chicago Auto Show

    35" tires, wheels that require you to buy mopars over priced lock rings ( like the winch plate for the $1200 bumper). And not Fox shocks but tuned shocks (non adjustable). And a 1.5" lift for 35", they fit but would look tucked. I would pass.
  2. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    I can't continue to read the post it's all just too much. If you depend on a dealership for everything this is what you get. If you put the time in to reading about lifts and everything needed and involved you would know the Mopar lift is not a complete kit. Returning the jeep to the same...
  3. JLUR rolls multiple times off potato salad hill

    Note to self - Never let Kirtm333 drive my jeep
  4. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    I think this is a different unit. BUT Thats why I find this post funny. Jeep is tracking your jeep for the emergency SOS calls and for the jeep wellness reports. AND thru your smart phone. Point is YOU ARE being tracked get used to it.
  5. Almost done -19 JLR

    diff covers for one the stock will leak after a few rock rubs.
  6. Almost done -19 JLR

    I am almost done - 2" Energy Suspension - Falcon 3.1 - Wildpeak 35" - 1.5" wheel spacers - Superwinch Rock 98 -Xmod bumper - Steer Smart track bars - Rock slid Engineering power steps (come tomorrow) .
  7. Anyone have buyer's remorse for ordering the 3.6 instead of the 2.0 Turbo.

    I loved the 3.6 in my 14 JKU. But I test drove the 2.0 it felt like the motor was running at redline just driving around town, needless to say I got another 3.6
  8. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    yes that looks like it will block the view since that image isn't even from behind the wheel. Plus I don't see the power lock switch or proximity on the outside handle.
  9. Upgrade to a JT?

    2021 ram 1500 4x4 towing 6,300 - 11,350 4x2 towing 6,530 - 12,750
  10. Upgrade to a JT?

    I am one that is considering trading in my 2dr JL Rubi for a JTR. I love my jeep but 2k towing is a joke. The problem is even tho I got my loaded JL for 45k I am still 1K upside down of KBB after 2yrs. And the loaded JTR is 65k. I have looked at the Ram 1500 but to get all the options its just...
  11. Upgrade to a JT?

    One problem with that. I got a 2 door rubi this time and went and bought a aluminium trailer. thinking I can just deal with the 2500 tow rating BUT turns out the 2 door JL Rubi with wider axles then the JK lost 500 lbs on the tow rating. I never even thought to look so when I go and pick up 1...
  12. Preproduction Jeep Rubicon 392 at Orlando Show

    well they showed the JK with 1/2 doors but didn't have them for 3+ years. then they showed the JL with 1/2 doors and a cutout for vision. They still don't have them. I did see they came out with jl 1/2 doors last year.
  13. Preproduction Jeep Rubicon 392 at Orlando Show

    I am so sick of them showing 1/2 doors only on show models and not having them as an option.
  14. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    bottom line IMO is if you have a 5" screen this is a GREAT upgrade and well worth the money. If you have a 7" I would look over the specs carefully you may like it. But if you have a 8.4 it is a downgrade to get a larger screen.
  15. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    The video I saw showed 3. This is from the web site. I do not understand why you would add a rocker switch to change to another camera if it is all software already in the unit. "4 camera inputs, selectable via camera mode display, turn signal for blind spot viewing or simply by adding a...
  16. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    look at the videos they posted on youtube. it shows 3 camera options
  17. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    Yes you can have 3 cameras on this. I would say watch install video. you have to add another GPS unit, microphone, speaker. and unhook the USB in center console to feed from new head. It looks to like alot of orig. system is bypassed and not integrated
  18. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    I just watched the install video. I like the big screen but a few things would keep me from getting it.
  19. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    I would worry about heat buildup with the vents being almost behind the unit.
  20. Jurassic World 3 Dominion- Jeeps are Back!

    That is the worst build ever! looks like they had the mail room guy build it