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  1. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    You posting here makes you an enthusiast, not how modded your Jeep is. We all gather here to talk about a vehicle that we enjoy, and many here are very passionate about the Jeep brand. All of us here are enthusiasts, and we are here to interact with other enthusiasts. However there is a...
  2. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    I think a lot of people here forget that they are enthusiasts, and they are posting on an enthusiasts forum. Like you I see a massive amount of bone stock Jeeps daily.
  3. Just got home from Bronco event...

    I saw a video where they show how to completely remove the soft top. It collapses all the way down onto a frame that surrounds the rear, and then two people can just lift the entire assembly off. They really didnt leave themselves any other option for rear entry access other than tilting the...
  4. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    The rear seat in mine is purely for decorative purposes only. It's great when its just the wife and I, but if our son is going with us we take the JL or my wife's Escape.
  5. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    I took advantage of the current market and sold my JK. I lucked up on a 2021 Cooper 2 door hard top at a really good price. Even though it's just the base model, it is a stupidly fun car to drive. I am almost certain my next car will be a Cooper S convertible.
  6. Sad Day, Jeep Accident, Advice?

    Don't be. My wife used to work in claims before switching to underwriting. The initial estimates are always lower than the actual cost of the repair. Once you take it to your shop of choice, the shop will then send a much more detailed breakdown of what's needed in order to repair it and the...
  7. This is weird Easter egg on a Rubicon

    It's because you have a 2 door. We missed out on a couple for some reason.
  8. So...should I get a JK (JL simply not being delivered in Canada)?

    I didn't hate my JK once I got my JL, and I would not be mad if I had to drive one again for some reason (like a rental or having to drive a friend home). However my JL was an across the board improvement over the JK, and I would not purchase one at this time.
  9. Ratio of Mechanical/performance upgrades vs cosmetic/practical upgrades - what’s your priority?

    There is a lot of snobbery and gatekeeping in the Jeep community. There are people who will always call out those with smaller lifts and tire as not being real off-roaders. Also there are those who will talk trash about mall crawlers and bro-dozer tires, and cosmetic mods. You even have a group...
  10. Jeep Announces New Sunrider Flip Top for Hardtop; Innovative Feature Available Now on Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator Models

    I'm convinced that it will never see the light of day at this point. It was teased in May 2019, and they side step most of the questions about it now. I would love for it to come to market as my wife will not ride in the jeep without a shade and I would like to run without a shade in the...
  11. If you were going to buy a sporty car for your wife?

    Right on. I was suggesting the Roush Mustang as it’s roomier than the smaller coupes and is 700+ HP depending on which model you build off of.
  12. If you were going to buy a sporty car for your wife?

    I like smaller vehicles, so for me the Audi TT, 718 Boxster, Mini Coopers and 2 series BMW are awesome. However my coworker has a Roush stage 3 Mustang convertible with the 775HP upgrade. That car screams and has made me reconsider a mustang in the future...
  13. Why Tommy from TFL bought a Wrangler instead of a Bronco (or 4Runner)

    TFL is short for The Fast Lane. It's an automotive news/review site Tommy is one of the content creators for the site It really doesn't matter, it's just now the Wrangler has a rival and its something to compare.
  14. Why Tommy from TFL bought a Wrangler instead of a Bronco (or 4Runner)

    Serious question. Given the troubles that Ford has already encountered up until now, how confident are the current reservation holders that full production will begin on that date? Is this looking like a sure thing for them or is everyone taking a "believe it when I see it" attitude?
  15. Why Tommy from TFL bought a Wrangler instead of a Bronco (or 4Runner)

    Like the guy in the TFL I run only soft tops. I had the sail cloth on my JK and have twill on my JL. The twill insulates a little better, not as big of a deal if you are only running a soft top in the nicer seasons and switch to the hard top in the harsher months, but for year round I prefer...
  16. Why Tommy from TFL bought a Wrangler instead of a Bronco (or 4Runner)

    The last time I built a Bronco the soft top nor the sunrider top on the accessories list, but I never said you could not buy a soft top. I have seen pics of the Bestop soft top on a 2 door so I am sure they are being made currently. The person I replied to was saying that TFL was not going to...
  17. Why Tommy from TFL bought a Wrangler instead of a Bronco (or 4Runner)

    Right on. I also saw someone else post the 3.6 was the only option on the manuals.
  18. Why Tommy from TFL bought a Wrangler instead of a Bronco (or 4Runner)

    Even if there was, Ford does not offer a soft top option on the 2 doors yet. It would have been added cost for him down the road to add an aftermarket soft top and unlike the Wrangler there will be no real market to sell hard tops since everyone will have one. Ditto on the 2.0T, everyone seems...
  19. Carolina metal mirrors.

    Nope just removing the cap on the end of the grab handle and remove the bolt underneath it.
  20. Carolina metal mirrors.

    You could do it with a butter knife but you do run a higher risk of marring your trim panel by using a metal tool to remove the panel cover. Trim removal kits are less than $10 at Harbor Freight.