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  1. KC HiLiTES Is Officially Joining The JL Wranglers Forum Community

    Welcome to The Forum @KC HiLiTES !!! Here's my FlexEra4 Combo Lights with the Red Bezel. Instagram Page: mambaflex_jlu Facebook Page: mambaflex_jlu
  2. California Jeep Wrangler Sport 2019 Stock Muffler $120 (Send Offers) SoCal Pickup Only. Los Angeles Area.

    Selling my Stock Muffler. Replaced with Aftermarket One. No issues, No Dents. Only 5K Miles of use on it. $
  3. California 5 Gloss Black wheels, 255x70R18 Bridgestone Dueler HT tires with

    Selling my Stock Wheels and Tires. Took them off when it had 7K. $500 (Send Offers) Southern California - Los Angeles Area.
  4. California free sport JL bumper

    Do you still have this bumper? Asking for a friend. Thanks,
  5. New Wheels and Tires... Finally!!!

    Thanks! I was surprise how well it looks without a lift as well. The Rough Country Leveling Kit gave it about half an inch plus the 35 height helps as well. Can't wait for the lift.
  6. New Wheels and Tires... Finally!!!

    I might go with the Mopar 2' Lift with Fox Shock but I'm open to looking around. To be honest I have to do my homework before I decide but it will be towards the end of the year.
  7. New Wheels and Tires... Finally!!!

    I have my Axle Back Exhaust System coming hopefully Late this week or Next Week. I have a lift in mind towards the end of this year to finish 2020 upgrades.
  8. JW Speaker Evo J3 Headlights

    JW Speaker Evo J3 Headlights 7 In Headlight Adapter Brackets LED H13 Conversation Harness Purchased from
  9. New Wheels and Tires... Finally!!!

    After almost a month waiting for the wheels and tires I finally got my Jeep with it's new upgrade. (Jeep 2019 Sports Altitude Edition) Fuel Off-Road Convert Matte Black Wheels (18x9) BF Goodrich KO2 (35X12.50R 18) Rough Country Leveling Kit (Just for now until I get a lift)
  10. Concrete Jungle Roll-Call (LA)

    Burbank is Home/ But you can see me on the Weekends in Downey and South Gate
  11. Just got my first ever Wrangler!

    Congrats! I just got mine a month ago. Having too much fun with my new Jeep. Once again Congrats.
  12. And the Jeep Life Begins... My First Jeep

    My first modification. Tyger Star Armor Kit Side Step Nerf Bars. (Wife getting used to the Jeep being higher then the low profile BMW I had before but my kid had a hard time with his Soccer Cleats. So these side step bars helped my kid get into the Jeep now with no issues. Looking forward for...
  13. And the Jeep Life Begins... My First Jeep

    Proud owner of this beautiful 2019 Jeep Wrangler. New to the Jeep world and loving every moment I get to drive this beast. Already looking at Wheels & Tires and so many other modifications for my Jeep. Looking forward to posting my upgrades and reviews.