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  1. TFL compares 4xe, Bronco, and Defender on serious off-road trail

    These pictures say everything I need to know. Nothing beats tires on the ground getting traction.. Ford claims greater articulation than Jeep, but this is the real world, not a ramp.
  2. Any Way to Charge 4xe Batteries with a Solar Panel?

    But she isn't going anywhere, just sitting in a campground. for a few days. How much power does it take to run a few LED lights and an ARB 12v refrigerator? The shape of the sitting vehicle does not matter.
  3. Jeep Teases All-Electric Wrangler "Freedom" BEV ⚡️

    I love that it has an actual manual transmission! Now if it had hub motors, did away with the heavy axles, long-travel suspension, 300 mile range with 10 minute charging, and was actually for sale at a good price I'd certainly buy one.
  4. Wrangler 4XE Drive Modes Analysis

    Chris: Since it is always in Hybrid mode if you drove a long trip, say 500 miles on pavement and started out with a fully charged battery, but had no way to recharge it after departure, would it get better MPG than a similar but non-hybrid Wrangler with the 2.0 L engine and auto transmission...
  5. 2021 PHEV; 2023 BEV Wrangler! Article inside from April;s Autocar magazine.

    Unfortunately, they are not telling us much. I hope they can go to hub motors to free up underhood space and eliminate the axles, as well as drivetrain loses. But durability in a tough environment has to be an issue. And a shorter, more aerodynamic hood would be a huge improvement.
  6. Saw a bronco sport in the wild today

    The competition will get interesting. The Bronco that competes with the Wrangler will offer at least one version with 35 inch tires, while Wrangler only offers 33" the last time I looked. And the Bronco GPS includes 4WD trails.
  7. Any Way to Charge 4xe Batteries with a Solar Panel?

    He won't be moving the vehicle as he wants to do this while camping. An ARB refrigerator uses 0.89 amps per hour. A couple of 20 amp light bulbs at night for 4 hours and you are done. He asked if a 100 watt solar cell would recharge what he used. The ARB will use 21.36 amps. two 20 watt led...
  8. 4xe Rubicon vs Standard Rubicon price analysis (with tax credits)

    Regret that they got it, or regret that they did not?
  9. 2021 Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Supplement to the Owner’s Manual

    Even just parking at an airport parking lot for a two week trip in winter or summer would drain the 12V battery fast.
  10. 2021 Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Supplement to the Owner’s Manual

    Thanks! The inside of a vehicle gets way over 131 deg F on a hot day, especially with a black top. On a Jeep trail where you got for a 3-hour hike and return, you'd be stranded. Or in many winter sport activities, you are in sub 5 degree situations for many hours in a spot no tow truck can...
  11. How much????? Insanity

    You live where they have cheap gas. I drive at least twice that much every year and gas at the "Cheap" station in my city is $3.31/gal for regular. The Chevron across the street from it is $3.49. So using 24,000 miles a year/$3.31 per gal and your methodology, the cost difference is $2820 per...
  12. 2021 Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Supplement to the Owner’s Manual

    Interesting information. What spooks me is that you are supposed to plug it in if the outside air temperature is below 5 degrees F. I've lived places where the high for the month never went over 0F, so how do you accomplish that if away from home or are dependent on public charging stations...
  13. Any Way to Charge 4xe Batteries with a Solar Panel?

    He asked..."When Camping". He said nothing about driving. So he probably only needs to power up one or two LED lights at night, recharge phones and run his 12V refrigerator, using the traction battery. So if he was going to camp in the desert for a week it would probably be possible to replace...
  14. 4XE production begins. Arriving to dealerships in January...?

    They are building this because they are tired of paying big fines to the Feds for not meeting MPG goals, and carbon offsets (or whatever it's called) to Tesla. The situation will get even worse with the thirsty 392 V8 Wrangler. They could sell the 4XE at cost and still come out way ahead. But...
  15. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    I'm wondering if they do it this way because the beadlocks are not DOT approved? The time I went to Moab EJS the police were writing tickets for non-DOT beadlocks. As vehicles lined up for a run the police would come by and check the whole line.