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  1. Licence plate relocation

    yeah they were the only ones i could find so far
  2. Licence plate relocation

    I apologise, i should have said id like something similar to the jk, on the corner above the bumper would be prefered, i dont mind fixing to the bumper top or under the light . it will have a steel bumper so cant use the oem position , really dont want it on the wheel , doesnt seem many other...
  3. Licence plate relocation

    Hi All, looking for a licence plate relocation bracket option that isnt on the bumper or rear wheel, i searched but didnt come up with much other than the LOD one Any ideas ?
  4. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    did you ever find out if it fits ? im in the same boat
  5. fifteen52 JL Rubicon @BeardedWrangler

    Love these wheels so much, such a shame they arn't readily available in the UK :( im mid JLUR build and had to go eleswhere for rims, now everytime i see your JL i feel bad , damn it.
  6. Diff covers

    Hey guys, just to revive this thread, any more news, i see the last comment was a year ago, my wife just got a JLUR and we would like to fit diff covers our JK's both had them and for relative peace of mind and cool looks id fit them again, but cant really find much available in the UK :(
  7. Apple CarPlay Sport S

    so... did it work when you plugged it in ?
  8. CarPlay disconnects frequently

    as above , my wife has it on her JL too, genuine cable too
  9. Aux switches - Im Looking for instructions

    where are the ends of the wire located ? are they factory fused ?
  10. KC pro6 Gravity lights finally on my JL

    Any follow up on this ? is the bracket holding up? any flex? has it hurt the paint? My wife just got a JLUR and we want to take the pro6 light bar off her JK but are struggling to get a bracket, KC are still saying they are still 3-4 months away from having a product in the market :( we...
  11. Installing hitch on 2018 JLUS woes

    What did you end up doing with the wiring ?
  12. Steel bumpers .....are they legal in the UK/Europe?

    you can run it on US plates for 6 months, several of my friends are Us forces and dont usually get a problem, dont worry about the MOT its really not that hard to get passed, the only potential issue will be if you are looking to keep it here indefinately , in which case you would need to switch...