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  1. Post your extended warranty price here

    Wow, great Deal....would you mind sharing a name and/or phone number? Thanks and congrats!
  2. ISLANDER Edition JL Club Thread

    Looks great! Well done!
  3. MOPAR Vehicle Protection Plan Mopar extended warranty or Jeep Wrangler extended warranty
  4. MOPAR Vehicle Protection Plan

    I’m referring to genuine MOPAR warranty’s purchased from a dealer that has a big online presence. Like (one of many). Just put in your info and they will give you a price. Then wait a few days and they will typically send you another discount offer via email for another...
  5. MOPAR Vehicle Protection Plan

    If you decide to pull the trigger shop around on the internet or search posts here, big discounts can be found on these warranties. Good luck
  6. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    Great! Thank you for your reply and advice... great job with this thread!!!!
  7. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    Great info here, thank you all! My JL recently went dead sitting in my garage for a week. It would jump on main or aux battery (after removing aux battery cable from main battery and try to jump aux battery directly). I put a trickle charger on the batteries connected together, and separate...
  8. Considering Gladiator. Share your trade in value on JL.

    As noted, I would put your VIN into Carvanna, TrueCar, Vroom, and KBB trade in offer. When I sold my JKU Sahara a few months ago they had a $3400 range between the lowest and highest offer (to purchase outright). The lowest was $1400 over what two Jeep dealers offered me on trade. They Jeep...
  9. Freedom Panel Storage Bag Storage

    Thanks for the info/ Moab does not have one and when I did a search could not find anything that verifies that it should be included.
  10. 2020 Dark Saddle Leather - Kinda Ugly?

    This thread might help
  11. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Agree, great looking combo, nicely done! I will most likely be replacing my black leather with custom Katzkin.
  12. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    Ok, you win...that’s one tough lookin Moab!
  13. Sahara vs. Rubicon?

    Agree 100% The KM2’s = loud noise, K02 = happiness. Dealer switched mine for Rubicon wheels and tires as well. Much better for DD and I’ve read many threads stating the K02 is also much better in snow.
  14. Sahara vs. Rubicon?

    Like the OP, love the look of the Rubi, but I don’t need the extreme trail cred. Also, Selec Trac fits my winter climate and the Wranglers Amazing features, functionality and fun factor fit my active outdoor lifestyle. I was going to order a 2020 Moab but with the discontinuation of the the...
  15. Sahara vs. Rubicon?

    Great looking Wrangler! Nicely done!!!
  16. Thule SpareMe Bike Rack Relocation Bracket Template

    Thank you for sharing...great job!!!!
  17. Bike Rack Options??

    Got it, I just googled your set up, not sure I want to add a new swing arm and bumper...still a great set up for you !!!
  18. Bike Rack Options??

    That’s a great idea do you have more pics? Can you share how / where it mounts to the tailgate/wheel hub? Thank you, enjoy Who did you speak with at LOD?