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  1. Raptor Lined Interior

    How much material of the raptor liner used for interior?
  2. Manual Transmission and T-Case Fluid Change Today

    Long story short, I flooded the jeep the day I bought it and never even made it home. It was used but still not a proud moment. I was crossing a River after watching a Jeep go through maybe 25ft to my driver I figured it was safe to cross. As I proceeded to cross in the water...I was...
  3. Manual Transmission and T-Case Fluid Change Today

    Preface. My Jeep was flooded in the front of the Jeep about 6ft under sandy beach water in the Canadian River Oklahoma. (Don’t ask, it was a stupid thing I did.) this write up is purely for educational purposes for the Jeep community. Finally had a a chance to crack open the Automatic...
  4. Manual Transmission and T-Case Fluid Change Today

    Awesome I will check it out! Thanks!
  5. Manual Transmission and T-Case Fluid Change Today

    I’m getting ready to remove my auto tranny pan. Water and sand is in it. When I drained it, water and sand colored fluid came out. So I figured I just take the pan off and clean the filter. Why not buy a new filter\pan? Well it’s on back order forever. So I’ll do my best to write something up...
  6. Transmission filter change

    Not sure if people have gotten to this yet. But I’m getting ready to open mine up soon due to water in the tranny. Fluid is coming out watery and sand color. I’ll post pics during the process.
  7. Jeep will not start after flooding. FIXED

    Brake lines were fine, no water at all. Still not start. Good try though. Photo Below. I used a buddies Jeep as a baseline. With the ACC turned on but not the engine. then tested mine and photo shows results. (Ignore big red circles). Small red circles baseline showed juice flowing. But on...
  8. Jeep will not start after flooding. FIXED

    that’s a great idea as I’m sitting pondering electrical systems. Yes major modules have been replaced. But holy hell that’s a great idea to flush my brake lines. I have the Jeep up and wheels off so it will be easy to just drain the brake fluid. Thank you, brakes feel super stiff and that makes...
  9. Jeep will not start after flooding. FIXED

    Hi, yes I’ve tried that as well as making sure I had the door closed and seatbelt on as I know these jeeps are sentistive that way. And yes all electrical works like normal except the power windows, AC, and horn. So working: headlights, signals, radio, instrument cluster, unconnect, wipers...
  10. Jeep will not start after flooding. FIXED

    Agreed. I have a 96 Dakota...wiring not as complex but more than I’d like...
  11. Jeep will not start after flooding. FIXED

    Hello thanks for posting this! I have an 18 JL wrangler I took scuba diving crossing a river a few months ago. It bounced back and forth from one Jeep shop to dealer and back in my possession trying to figure it out myself. All error codes lead to shorts and breaks in various circuit systems. So...
  12. 2018 Rubi w/ 3.6L Won't Start

    New fuse box has been installed, new BCM, new spark plugs since the plenum was opened up. Main battery and Aux battery have both been replaced. New starter installed. (Stock one had rust already built up in the spline that pushes to the flywheel). Like OP mentioned new PCM will be installed...
  13. Hidden Falls Adventure Park

    Hello, I have been to Hidden Falls I think 3 times so far since Oct. 18 when I got my JLUR. Every time I went it was a blast. I usually just make a day trip out of it and drive from Dallas early, wheel all day and get back before midnight. Yes, it makes for a really long day, but’s it’s worth...
  14. Max Tire size for 19 Rubicon NO LIFT

    I do have the JCR Offroad fender liners. And yes I’m expecting to get a lift. Matter of clearing funds with the Mrs. Accountant. Lol
  15. Max Tire size for 19 Rubicon NO LIFT

    Awesome thanks. Looking to get Patagonia MTs.
  16. Max Tire size for 19 Rubicon NO LIFT

    I was told I could get away with 37’s and a 2” wheel spacer with stock wheels and suspension. I do have a stubby bumper and should be ok. Thoughts?
  17. New Jersey WTS: Mopar LED Package

    Sorry for the late response...been a crazy few weeks!
  18. New Jersey WTS: Mopar LED Package

    Do you take Venmo?
  19. New Jersey WTS: Mopar LED Package

    Yes very. What forms of payment do you take? Need to use caution as I do not want the accountant (wife) to know lol!