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  1. Peterson Jeep Review

    I discussed with Kent. When he saw the high rate, he said go ahead and refinance. So not dishonest. Thanks
  2. Peterson Jeep Review

    We bought from Kent also, you can go ahead and refinance. Don't wait until the 6 months is over.
  3. Flat towing or Trailer?

    You would also have to take the weight of the trailer into account. Our gas class A has a 5000-pound towing capacity and we are almost at max already. If you have a diesel, the weight will be of lesser concern.
  4. Peterson Jeep Review

    Congrats. That was my experience as well when dealing with Kent.
  5. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    Anyone using the Demco stay in play duo for a braking system. It seems to work like the invisibrake but uses both the brake lights and inertia for braking. I have a 30 foot Fleetwood class A that will be pulling a 2019 JLUR. I purchased the nighthawk towbar and installed the cool tech wiring...
  6. Sport Hood Mounted Vehicle Specific Solar System™ - Jeep JL & Gladiator

    Count me in for one when available for Rubicon. I would also be interested in a hard top version.
  7. Looking for 8.4 glass screen protector

    Another vote for the Mopar one. I ordered from amazon and have had no problems.
  8. Older Jeep colors you REALLY want to come back on the JL

    Sahara Tan, I loved that color on my 2011 JKUR.
  9. FAIR DEAL UNTIL................

    I bought from Peterson, used their financing. I refinanced the vehicle as soon as I received the account number. Did not make a single payment to their bank. For my deal it was not Chrysler financing but Ally bank that they used.
  10. Trying to pick a side decal

    I would also choose the tire tracks.
  11. Show us your headliner patches

    Here are some pictures of ours. The state patches are the states that we have gone off-road.
  12. Mopar Lift, Steps, & the Happy Wife

    I installed the westin step/rock rails and my wife has had no problem getting in she is 5 foot tall
  13. Black Rhino Options

    Black rhino arsenals black/sand
  14. Lift. Am I getting screwed?

    I paid $1825 for lift and installation at the dealership I ordered the Jeep. That way it was ready when I picked it up. I paid $2700 for 5 Nitto ridge grapplers and black rhino wheels with install and road hazard warranty from discount tire. I paid $300 for the JL tazer. Your price sounds high...
  15. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Added tan Rubicon and flag decals. The tan will match our offroad trailer.
  16. What is this called?

    That is awesome that you offered to get one for him.
  17. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    2 more. Having tint installed today. Will be installing front bumper with winch, rear bumper with tire carrier in the upcoming weeks. Decals have been shipped as well.