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  1. Did they really do anything ?

    When the dealer did my last oil change and tire rotation- they stripped / damaged about 1/2 the lug nuts and overfilled the oil. I do it myself now.
  2. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    I bought a Sport- no lockers. If I get in over my head, the winch will pay for itself. We only do light trails on vacation so most the of time the Jeep is on the road to the mall and back. I also have lights in case it gets dark and a lift & big tires in case it gets deep.
  3. Can you put a JLUR take off suspension on a JL?

    Has anyone put 4 door springs on a 2 door?
  4. Can dealer flash you to 37s?

    It's too bad Jeep just doesn't add functionality to the screen to allow gear and tire size changes by the owner. They could sell it as an "Extended Programming Option" and charge $500 and people would buy it to avoid going aftermarket.
  5. Win a Front Runner roof rack for your JL or JT from Northridge4x4!

    I'd love to win this! It'd add much needed cargo capacity.
  6. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    I'd love to win this! Help my Jeep take me more places and help it look less like a postal delivery vehicle!
  7. How much have you spent on modding your Jeep?

    Had my Jeep for less than a year. Rock Sliders = $220 Front Bumper = $225 Winch = $475 Winch Cover = $13 Front LP Holder = $23 Snatch Block = $30 D Rings = $30 LED Headlights = $275 Front Coil Spacers = $30 Tablet Mount for GPS = $75 Dash Cam = $100 BD Squadron Sport = $210 Floor Mats = $80...