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  1. Anyone else have these windshield marks?

    Yes. And they will fade in a few weeks. I agree they are visible in humid/foggy/cold conditions.
  2. Glad I got the black plastic wheel Fenders

    Black Sharpie. Not the finest fix but no one notices. And very cheap fix!

    Known Issue. Nothing to worry about.
  4. Sky One-Touch Power Top issue!!

    Mine does it and also has been from day 1. I think there's been a post or 2 about it. Doesn't bother me as it's really not even a full second, almost just a hiccup.
  5. Initial Impressions: Sky One-Touch Power Top

    I still own my 2nd Jeep with the Sky One-touch.
  6. Small leak in 20 JLUR/ with One Touch ***UPADTE***

    How did your repair work out? Mine is leaking big time, or BIGLY, on the passenger side. About to contact the dealer but I bet I have the same issue as you. Did your dealer leak specialist fix the issue? Thanks!
  7. Putting my JLUR in Reverse. Very Loud.

    Yes, it got sorted out....the Jeep got totaled a few months after I posted this. But I got a second jeep. The transmission on my second jeep is much smoother.
  8. One Touch Sky Roof Issues?

    Thanks Alex. If it occurs again I will definitely reach out to you.
  9. One Touch Sky Roof Issues?

    Mine has a rattle on the passenger side as well, and really have had it since day 1. Never thought too much about it. But yesterday, after work, I found a shallow puddle of water in the passenger side footwell. Nothing a towel or 2 wouldn't soak up. We had some rain here in Austin yesterday...
  10. People Stop, My Brights are not on!!

    My 2018 JLUR had the halogens and was constantly being brighted even though I rarely ever turn them on. I was going to lower them before the car was totaled. My 2019 JLUR has the LEDs. I never ever get brighted anymore. They must be positioned perfectly. As most have said, pretty easy fix...
  11. Click! Park to reverse; 2019 JLU

    I've had 2 JLUR's, the first a 2018 (totaled thanks to a jerk on his phone) and my current a 2019. They both make/made that sound when going from P to R. I notice it most in my garage where the sound reverberates off the close walls. I thought it was a problem or issue on the 2018. When it...
  12. River City Offroad - New Shop is Now Open!

    I'll be stopping by soon!
  13. Rear side window just broke

    DIVORCE!!!!!! Just kidding! I'm sorry that happened. I have a Sky One Touch as well so will be monitoring.
  14. Is the Sky one touch permanent? (FYI...I own a JLUR with the Sky 1 Touch. I have not tried this product but came across it a few weeks ago)
  15. Initial Impressions: Sky One-Touch Power Top

    I saw you went to Big Bend a week or 2 before I took my old man out there. He's 74 and never been west of Junction TX (well he has been to Cali many times, but never driven west of Junction and NEVER been to West Texas). Anyway Big Brazos, not to make you jealous, but here you go.... edit...
  16. Photograph of the Month Contest - May 2019

    After my first JLUR was totaled by a jerk on his phone in January, I took my 75 year old man and my second JLUR out to Big Bend. His first trip and he loved it!

    I wonder how something like that passed the "inspection" stage at the factory? There are alot of defects on your Jeep @sobeit69. I'm curious if something happened during transit? Anyway, I'm sorry this happened. I know how frustrating it is. Hang in there.
  18. Question about the alpine audio and other solutions.

    I've had two JLURs. The first did not have the Alpine. My second one does. ABSOLUTELY worth the extra $, especially if you plan on open air driving a lot. It's night and day difference, and I'm hardly an audiophile. (my first JLUR was totaled by a jerk on his phone.....stay off your...