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  1. Door nets recommendations?

    I like the second version better, I am also in on a group buy. And I second an all black version. Are the also thinking of doing one for the rear doors?
  2. Ursa Minor?

    I just got mine today and am experiencing the same issues (except for the rain). I'll take look tomorrow, but would you mind sending a picture as to where you put the bead of silicone?
  3. California 2018 JLU Premium soft top with hardware and accessories ($1000)

    I am selling my 2018 JLU Premium Soft top, it is in great condition, some minor scuffs on the side windows. Comes with Mopar window bag Black sunshade ( Black soft top boot...
  4. California Diabolical Inc Slipstream with subwoofer and additional 8" Top

    Click here for product info: Slipstream with normal top ---> 8" Lid ---> I have no need for it anymore as I have...
  5. AEV JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    When installing the Flares and Guards know that will will drill the holes as close to 90 degrees as possible. Connecting the flares to the guards this works good. BUT, when connecting the bolts to the tank you will find they are at an angle and if you drilled the holes perpendicular to the guard...
  6. AEV JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    Glad to hear the install wasn't too bad. I see you took the light guard off on the passenger side, I assume it's because it didn't fit with the tire carrier.
  7. Rear storage option for JLU

    Quick question what carpet have you used?
  8. AEV Snorkel installed

    I got mine sitting in the garage, how hard was it to get the cut in the hood right. It's my main concern.
  9. Fridge

    Nice setup, one quick question, what is the maximum height you can put the AAL cargo shelf at?
  10. Rhino Rack Backbone WITH Maximus-3 Roof Ladder

    Hey totally unrelated question, what is the maximum height under the AAL cargo shelf?
  11. AirUpDown System Fixes

    That makes sense. Thank you for the quick response.
  12. AirUpDown System Fixes

    Hey Bill, I noticed your tubing is 3/8 OD, did you increase the size of the tubing or is that the one that came with the Kit? I got my kit over a year ago and the tubing is 1/4. I am wondering if the company increased the tubing size since. Thanks for the LugCap they fit perfectly.
  13. AirUpDown System Fixes

    Thanks for the info, I just ordered all the part and will look for a dust cap. Let me know if you find anything suitable.
  14. AirUpDown System Fixes

    That is great to hear that the system is 100% reliable, I have been having issues and so is a friend of mine. Implementing your upgrades is on my never ending to-do list. Were you able to source dust caps that fit properly.
  15. Goose Gear plate system install (full rear seat delete)

    Like you I'm thinking of putting a battery down there. Do you have any pictures of your setup? How did you secure the battery?
  16. Goose Gear plate system install (full rear seat delete)

    Great writeup, one question what is the height of the storage space behind the driver seat and under the plate?
  17. AirUpDown System Fixes

    Thank you. I already have the system but noticed the same issues you were mentioning. One more question, do you have the link for the dust caps?