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  1. Minnesota Plastic Rubicon Bumpers for sale

    Here are a few I took a month ago or so. I have the red rear hook as well but it didn't make the pictures.
  2. Minnesota Plastic Rubicon Bumpers for sale

    Hello. i still have them. Let me know if you’d like more pictures or would like to meet. Thanks.
  3. Minnesota Plastic Rubicon Bumpers for sale

    Bump. Still available.
  4. Minnesota 2019 JLU Rubicon takeoff suspension

    I actually just sold this a little over a week ago. Hadn't gotten to updating this post yet. Sorry. Pete
  5. Red Gecko

    Red Gecko

  6. All Those from Minnesota!

    Can anyone speak to the state of the Iron Range OHV Park? I'm trying to pull together a day-trip for next weekend. Are any of the trails changed from last year? I assume the park is open and going there shouldn't be an issue given the current coronapocalype situation. Thanks.
  7. Minnesota 2019 JLU Rubicon takeoff suspension

    Was on my rig for about 15k miles. Includes springs, shocks, all 8 control arms, front track bar, 4 sway bar end links. Mainly highway but some offroad miles. Asking $300. Located near twin cities metro.
  8. Anyone put wheel spacers on their stock rubicon?

    I added Synergy 1 5/8" spacers a couple of weeks ago when I was doing my first tire rotation. I don't notice any negatives in the steering or handling. I was actually randomly thinking over the weekend that it was easier to drive down the highway that it used to be. But, I have no idea if...
  9. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    Love the 67 designs rail but couldn’t deal with $145 for a phone mount so I did my own. Camera accessory arm for $18 off amazon and a $10 phone holder off amazon. Works great but I haven’t gone off-roading yet to really test it. Doesn’t fully lock in place so it might move. Drilled a hole in...
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Rotated the tires and installed Synergy wheel spacers. Finished installing the diabolical slipstream cargo cover too. Gotta love long weekends. Pete
  11. All Those from Minnesota!

    For those of you who've been to the Gilbert OHV park, do Jeeps need to have a separate OHV License?
  12. Minnesota JLUR Rubi Rock Rails

    ~4200 miles on them. One short dirt road trip so they're in great shape. Asking $150.
  13. Minnesota Plastic Rubicon Bumpers for sale

    I'm just a bit north of Minneapolis. i'm willing to drive a bit if you want to meet in the middle. Let me know.
  14. Minnesota Plastic Rubicon Bumpers for sale

    Plastic Rubicon Bumpers for sale in the Twin Cities area. Maybe 3-4K miles on them. Fog Lights not included. Asking $250 OBO for the set. Willing to meet somewhere close. Not sure shipping is viable.
  15. ∞ Special Delivery! | What do YOU have coming in the mail for your Rig?! ∞

    LOD front bumper and some accessories for it and the rear that I put on a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was coming yesterday but it was just the skid plate. Shovel. Phone holder. Need to order the rest of the stuff to build the mount.
  16. All Those from Minnesota!

    The classes are offered through They take place in the Gilbert OHV Park. The May class isn't working out so I'm planning on the June 22nd one now. Looks like it's a 2 day event so it should be a pretty thorough deal.
  17. Who loves their soft top?

    I just checked my invoice and I paid $67 for the Mopar ST bag when I bought it with my Jeep. Is it more if you buy it later? I think I saw $175 quoted earlier in this thread. Doesn’t seem right.
  18. All Those from Minnesota!

    I’m in Andover so northern burbs as well. My plan is to take the off-road class next month at the iron range off-road park then hit Appleton in June for a day or two. I’m trying to get a couple of buddies to go as well. I can keep you in the loop if you want to go.
  19. All Those from Minnesota!

    Count me in for a trip or meetup. I’m still getting the basic mods done for my first wheeling trip but should be ready in less than a month. Appleton and Gilbert are on my radar. Is anyone involved with a Jeep club? I was thinking of joining one. Maybe Northstar. Pete
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Watched the glass repair guy fix the windshield chip I got last week. I can still see a halo but its way better and shouldn’t get worse. Not today but installed a LOD rear bumper with tire carrier over the weekend. Much better than that 10 lb plastic stock one. Now I just need the rest of the...