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  1. Does anyone know for sure if 392 is a one year only run?

    I haven't heard that it'll be 1 year like the Durango. The Durango is 1-year because of emissions issues (specifically with fleet-wide Euro compliance for Dodge, I think).
  2. Jeep dealers installing GPS tracker by default?

    It's worth it, honestly. Call ahead, make sure they aren't idiots. I often purchase from hundreds of miles away just to get what I want, and to deal with someone better.
  3. Jeep dealers installing GPS tracker by default?

    Plenty of Jeep dealerships out there. Go to a different one. I hate dealerships who force after-market stuff on customers. If I wanted a tracker, I'd have my own installed, to my own specs.
  4. Supply & Demand has led to a $100K 392

    It's simple price gouging. More stock will come. People are so impatient. If you're impatient, you shall be parted with your money.
  5. I want one so bad, how can I find one?

    Oh, I hear you. I want a 392, as well. But, ouch, times are rough right now. :( I'm waiting it out until the chip situation is resolved.
  6. I want one so bad, how can I find one?

    Honestly, my recommendation is to wait until the microchip shortage is resolved. Only reason to buy a car now is if you're genuinely carless (and even then, I'd honestly try to find a cheap alternative option until the shortage is resolved and I can get exactly what I want at the price I want).
  7. Stellantis said on Friday it will halt production at five North American plants next week because of the global microchip shortage.

    Still shocked that this is where we are today. We still can't project demand worth a damn. In the year 2020.
  8. Wrangler 392 Website Now Says “Coming Spring 2021”

    I just want the configurator to be updated, finally. Hopefully there will be a MY2022 and I'll get in on that action.
  9. Im trying to order a 392-what dealer wants my business?

    I wish you luck in your hunt (I'm on a similar hunt, except...) - honestly, I think it's too soon to be on the hunt. Wait until more allocations are released for this regular production vehicle. With the number of Jeep dealers out in the US, you're bound to come away with at least one (and most...
  10. Why only 33" tires on the Wrangler Rubicon 392?

    When I get one, I'll definitely swap those out. Makes no sense.
  11. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    And this is what I've been waiting for. Do I wish it was a Hellcat? Yes. Am I horribly disappointed? No. Wrangler should've had a V8 option for years now.