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  1. California Thule Jeep JL Wingbar Aeros with locks $300

    Excellent condition All 4 locks included Retails for $439 Price - $300 Local pickup only. Located in SoCal (Laguna Niguel)
  2. Half Doors - Who is gonna be 1st!?

    Anyone with Hella Yella half doors? Love to see how that looks....
  3. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    2018 JLR 2dr 30k miles bought the Mopar 7 year/75k warranty (its our 4th Wranger) Here are the issues we've had: Steering (had both updates and all good now) Hinges (had corroding doors and hood hinges replaced and all was painted, they did a nice job!) Had issues with plastic vertical cover on...
  4. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Just got my 2018 2 DR Rubicon (Black) back from having this rectified at Coastline Jeep in SJC, CA. Both doors and the hood had hinges replaced and were repainted. Looks like the body shop they use did a nice job and the service dept. was very caring and professional. Happy with the results...
  5. Ram Tough Track

    Thanks for tip, I just ordered this! Have been looking for a solution like this (seems like everything else is backordered)...
  6. Jeep Dog pics

    Mugsy, loves him some beach time!!!
  7. Georgia Jeep Trail Rated Kit by Warn

    I'll take it! Sent a PM. Thanks!
  8. Well, that didn't take long...

    Kinda the problem with our society.... Broox has no issue paying the fine (he did it, has the integrity to own up and laughs about it) and a bunch of folks jump on here and try to offer their two cents on how to circumvent the system and avoid responsibility. My wifes old TJ (red 2 door with a...
  9. Annoying rattling - sounds like it is coming from rear passenger side

    I have the same issue. Dealer replaced both sides and the new ones rattle just as bad.
  10. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Bone stock 2018 Rubi.... Only mod so far is removing back seat so our Boxer Mugsy can enjoy the ride as well..... Thinking Goose Gear and the Rhino Rack are our first two wants....
  11. Roam 2 door side steps out!

    Chris, Do you think the Red version of those LED's would be enough light to see the step at night?
  12. California OEM Rubicon Wheels and 33” K02’s no TPMS $800

    Maybe a silly question....? Why is the 5th wheel look like it has pink overspray on it?