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  1. Recommended Dealers List

    Just check out Koons or Criswell. Used to live in NJ and struggled finding my wife’s JK for a decent price locally at the time. Worth the drive to save money IMO.
  2. Would 5'6" wife have issues climbing in / out of Rubicon?

    My wife is 5’ 8” and she gets in and out of her JK fine. Installed smittybilt running boards after we bought it years ago which helps big time IMO.
  3. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    No brainer IMO since you get the $7500 tax credit for 2021 returns.
  4. HIGH ALTITUDE Edition JL Club Thread

    Anyone have a high altitude with fuel covert wheels?
  5. Best 4XE Dealers?

    Second dealing with Mike if you need someone in Florida.
  6. Wrangler 4xe reviews, where are they?

    Everyone has to be patient since orders will probably start hitting dealers shortly now that we are through the holiday break IMO.
  7. Wrangler 4XE Pricing

    No doubt, I’d love the 392, but can’t stomach that gas mileage as my DD. Reason for wanting the 4xe. Be interesting to see how the options play out for the interim and long term for sure.
  8. Wrangler 4XE Pricing

    Interesting to see what features aren’t included on the rubicon 4xe. I.E. color fender flares, colored hard top, leather seats, steel bumper, etc. still a great value with the tax credit. Very slick on Jeep’s end to compete with the upcoming bronco.
  9. Recommended Dealers List

    How was pricing?

    Just can’t wait anymore to see if we get any additional goodies with a Rubi 80th edition. Was so ready to pull the trigger on a 21 Order, but now I’m gonna sit back and wait for sure.
  11. Recommended Dealers List

    Anyone have any recommendations regarding Hercules at Lakeland or another dealer in Florida for 2021 order pricing? Didn’t have much like with Criswell. Crickets trying to get details with financing to get to 7 off an order. Might be easier to suck up the $1k doc fee they all kill you on down...
  12. Recommended Dealers List

    Anyone have a contact for Lakeland Jeep to order at 7 off invoice? Thanks!
  13. Recommended Dealers List

    Awesome buddy, I’ll hit up Lakeland for sure. Seems way easier since I can’t even get a shipment quote from one of the forum sponsored stealerships. Thanks!
  14. Recommended Dealers List

    Anyone have a contact and or email for the Boise dealer at 9 percent below invoice? Makes sense to pay the shipping alone if you don’t have to finance with them in house. Thanks all!
  15. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    Any thoughts for a daily driver with the lift? Don’t want anything too bouncy, but looks way better.
  16. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    Anyone have a cost estimate for a 2 inch Mopar lift kit? Interested installing on my wife’s JK. Ordering a 2021 rubicon, but wanted to test out the ride quality before putting this on a daily driver.
  17. Recommended Dealers List

    Anyone no of a dealer in Florida that will do similar pricing at 7 percent off for a 2021 rubicon order? Tried working with Criswell and went from communication to crickets once I was ready to place my order.
  18. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Anyone happen to know about ordering a 2021 Recon? Like most people wanted to see some new colors, but definitely want this model if it continues.
  19. Recommended Dealers List

    Great Rubi man. Enjoy it. Miss my old ski chalet in Bushkill. Still enjoy going up to friends in Mt Pocono. I’ll keep you posted on my progress with Leon. Thanks!
  20. Recommended Dealers List

    Much appreciated, I’ll pass along your name pal. Thanks!