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  1. Costs

    The original question does not address the fact that in two years the diesel will likely bring considerably more money used than the gas burner- but seriously, if you are buying one for economy and savings, you should find a used dihatsu. .... 13k miles on my Wrangler Rubi Diesel w 37’s and 3.5...
  2. This a decent deal?

    Way over priced. I have a rubicon w similar mods pls sky roof , matching top fuel wheels leather etc and I’m at 63800 all in. Yes diesel.....
  3. Filler cap issue - anyone else?

    There is a nozzle for oversized diesel fillers under the compartment in back of jeep. I had same issue. Some fit some dont
  4. First Diesel Oil Change

    Filter is free if you are on wave program. But Price is typical. A bit lees if you go to a valvoline Type Drive thru. All ecodiesels are high. Just had mine done on wave program. It was zero dollars .....
  5. Diesel Burns oil

    DEF additive
  6. Diesel Burns oil

    Right. Dealer is working on it. Trying to get some answers.
  7. Diesel Burns oil

    It looks like it is getting i. The coolant. The reservoir is dark grey.
  8. Power Steering Issues?!

    9303 miles. No ps issues. Just burns oil like a Detroit.
  9. Diesel Burns oil

    Good ideas to check. The oil light never came on. It was the oil pressure sensor . It was low- showing 18 psi. That light plus me Uconnect notification email came through.
  10. Diesel Burns oil

    Yea I have already had an eco diesel ram implode and got a new engine at 5200 miles. Have a Cummins, no probs there, not givin up on the product, just frustrated. I put most miles runnin down fwy to Georgia and Florida - just can’t believe the damn thing is burnin oil.
  11. Diesel Burns oil

    Thanks ! Yea just ordered a diesel gladiator trading my gas but this oil burning is irritating. Dealer is working on it.
  12. Diesel Burns oil

    8800 miles on my 2020 JL Diesel. Oil pressure light came on at 5000, took a quart and a half. At 8800 nothing shows on dipstick. Looks like it ate another quart. ANY THOUGHTS???
  13. Honest question: Wrangler Rubicon or Ford Bronco

    I would get the diesel and buy the extended warranty to cover your worries on exhaust components. The factory has responded well with the ram eco diesel issues and taken care of the past issues. I doubt they would ever leave loyal jeep owners hi and dry if they had problems. The diesel will...
  14. 2021 Diesel ordering?

    Ordered mine last week
  15. Diesel engine any good?

    My dealer said yes it was yesterday—
  16. Diesel engine any good?

    Well, I have always been of the opinion that if the factory offers it, put it on. Anything aftermarket I purchase usually comes out of my pocket 100% so I try and roll as many goodies into financing as possible by loading it up. The Rubicon is super nice and has great resale down the road. - I...
  17. Diesel engine any good?

    2021 JT order sheet. 69000! Whoa!!!