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  1. Buyer’s Remorse - 2021 JLUR

    I have a 2018 sting gray unlimited rubi and LOVE it. My third wrangler and best. The perfect vehicle I think. I’d do again in a heart beat. Take it on a trail and you’ll realize you did the right thing. Even the color - shows minimal dirt or scratches. Enjoy !
  2. Washington AEV Bumpers

    Delivered this morning! In bubble wrap no less! I'm convinced "Heuer" is the most honest and helpful man on the planet. Thanks again !
  3. Washington AEV Bumpers

    Thank you - messaged you back. Look forward to seeing you again!
  4. Washington AEV Bumpers

    Hi - I’m in Portland. Would love to get the front and rear bumpers. I can’t figure out how to PM you - are you able to message me?
  5. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    So I saw in Portland today. Outer Banks and Big Bend. I have a 2018 JLUR. I have a reservation but plan to also keep the Jeep. I left disappointed. Biggest reason is like others have said - lots of plastic. Maybe production models will be a bit better? I think I’ll hold off for now...
  6. Desert Does It - We make Seat Jackers & MMPs

    Ah funny. LO has been rainy and the recent ice storm was NUTS! Thankfully we didn't have any major damage or lose power for more than a few hours - others near weren't quite so lucky. You're wise to move south! I'm sure some amazing Jeeping down there too. I hope you enjoy the Seat Jacker...
  7. Desert Does It - We make Seat Jackers & MMPs

    Correct approximately $80 for each seat.
  8. Desert Does It - We make Seat Jackers & MMPs

    OUTSTANDING product and service! I just received and installed the original Seat Jackers (non-adjustable). I'm 6'1" with fairly long legs and they are perfect! The product is beautifully made, packaged very well and shipped/ arrived very fast. Installation was about as easy as you could hope...
  9. AEV CHMSL......

    Thank you for the suggestion. Funny I had thought of that too but for the avoidance of doubt I thought I'd ask. Of course your suggestion worked - the wire with the white strip is indeed the positive, the all black is the negative. Now I can get on with my project!
  10. AEV CHMSL......

    Okay so I have a white+green wire and a black wire coming out of the Jeep JL. Am I correct in understanding the Black with white stripe wire on the AEV light should be attached to the white+green wire from the JL? I thinking I won't hurt anything if I get it wrong but better safe than sorry...
  11. Oregon Molle Platform Solutions Storage Basket $50

    Unfortunately I'm busy in meetings during that time - do you plan to head back down to Salem afterwards? I'm about 3 miles from I-5 and 217 so am very close, but my schedule is horrible.
  12. Oregon Molle Platform Solutions Storage Basket $50

    I totally get it - I’ll watch out for an update and of course let you know if I come south.
  13. Oregon Molle Platform Solutions Storage Basket $50

    Any plans to come up to Portland (Tigard) ? I’d love to buy this from you. Thanks.
  14. Carrying a bike without a hitch

    i do this with a large Yeti mountain bike with 29” wheels. It fits well and of course is super secure.
  15. Bestop Sunrider JL in winter...?

    I would think the swap takes less than 30 mins? Unless I could see myself opening the top on nice days in the winter I would personally swap it out for the coldest months if for no other reason than reduce wear and tear. Wear and tear would not be visible day to day but I imagine over a few...
  16. California Sold.

    I've sent you a PM and would love to buy your Sunrider - I'm in the LA area, in fact it appears we even work for the same company. Please let me know how I can pick up. Thanks
  17. Rubicon Rubicon Parts, Portland, OR

    Hi - I'm in Portland and have sent you a PM. Please call me on the bumpers. Thanks!
  18. Mopar warranty refund question

    Hopefully this doesn't sound condescending: have you asked Tom this question? I've found him super helpful and responsive. Good luck!
  19. WTB Steel Bumpers - Portland Oregon

    Hi Thanks doc - do you know what the shipping cost would be? And of course what’s the price of the bumper/ bumpers.
  20. WTB Steel Bumpers - Portland Oregon

    Hi - looking for a complete set-up (ideally front and rear - but I will just buy the front if that's all available) including front skip plate, although could probably swap out the lights (assuming compatibility) with my plastic one. Willing to drive an hour or so to pick up. Ideally new, or...