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  1. Trade-In Value of 2018 2-Door JL Rubicon?

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, I have an appointment on Saturday and hopefully the dealer wants to work out a deal, I'm just waiting on some different colors before I pull the trigger.
  2. Trade-In Value of 2018 2-Door JL Rubicon?

    So I bought a 2018 2 door JLR a little over 2 years ago for around $45k, I have a little less then 12k miles on it and still owe around 20k. I need to give up the 2 door life for now and need something with more space so I was looking at the Gladiator and I was hoping to get some realistic...
  3. Massachusetts WTS 2door hardtop

    still up for grabs, make a offer
  4. Massachusetts WTS 2door hardtop

    Again I haven’t seen many 2 door hardtops actually sell so I’m not sure what the going price is for them, if you have a price in mind DM me and maybe we work something out
  5. Massachusetts WTS 2door hardtop

    The hardtop is just north of Boston and I’be found some used ones for $2700
  6. Massachusetts WTS 2door hardtop

    Thinking of selling my hardtop since I haven’t used it in awhile, I think they sell new for $3,000 I’m interested in offers but not sure what the used market is for these.
  7. New England B.S.

    looking for front and back steel bumpers, cash in hand, closer to Boston the better
  8. WTB Mopar Steel Bumper

    Looking for a take off Mopar steel bumper, I have cash in hand
  9. Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback Exhaust kit $260 (SC/ South Florida)

    Shipping price to 02148
  10. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Has anyone put the satin black grill on? Let me see some pics if you have
  11. Mopar Hitch Takeoff JLU

    How much for shipping? 02148
  12. Mopar A-Pillar Mounts

    Still available?
  13. Mopar Hitch Takeoff JLU

  14. JL (2DR) WTS Front bumper

    Steel Bumper?
  15. Help me decide!

    I settled for ocean blue but after seeing it in person I feel in love
  16. Sell me your Black Grill

    Looking to buy a Black grill, located in Ma. and I'm willing to drive or pay for shipping to 02148
  17. WTS(north shore MA): mopar JL lock nuts

    Would have taken them if they were black. Good luck
  18. WTS(north shore MA): mopar JL lock nuts

    Black or Silver?
  19. Has Anyone Recived a 2 door yet?

    Picked her up a week ago
  20. Bestop Trektop NX Release

    Where's the 2 door love? @BestopTeam