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  1. Visual confirmation request

    I was able to cross reference a video screen cap from a known brake controller harness on a JT and the wire color codes match.
  2. Visual confirmation request

    Does this look like a factory installed brake controller wire harness and connector?
  3. Stock Antenna

    This is my first Jeep. Used it a lot this past weekend. Decided to give attention to the stock antenna that so many people mercilessly trash talk and the following are my thoughts: 1. The stock antenna is awesome. 2. I've never had a cooler whip style antenna on a vehicle before. 3. Seeing cheap...
  4. DEF gauge

    Approaching 2k miles on the new EcoDiesel and the DEF gauge hasn't moved from 100% full. With the 10k mile theoretical full tank range, shouldn't I see at least 10 to 20% movement on that gauge? I saw elsewhere that we shouldn't expect the DEF gauge to be "precise" or "accurate". Any other...
  5. running wire from alternator to rear for trailer battery charging

    Anyone know of a DIY article that covers running charge circuit wiring to the rear for a trailer battery?
  6. Safety

    I'm satisfied with the convenience of access at the 2nd most used door. Nice feature of these products is how easy it would be to move it around if so inclined. Which, BTW, I'm not since I'm so thrilled with how it sits on the tailgate.
  7. Safety

    "You can't put a price on safety" is a patent lie.
  8. Doorless Mirror solution

    Did I see a mirror solution that could be used as a ball mount when the doors are back on? Anyone have better options?
  9. Project Front Ebike Transport

    I like it. Even if I don’t put the bikes on the front every time, I’ve decided I want the option of putting the bikes up front. Frees up access to the back, load balances while towing, store and secure bikes out of the while parked. The little extra time it takes to remove the bike stem and...
  10. Project Front Ebike Transport

    Going to drive around now to test.
  11. Project Front Ebike Transport

    Good start?
  12. Windshield sun shade

    Thanks. I’ll give that a try.
  13. Windshield sun shade

    Anyone have a quality sunshade suggestion?
  14. 2 PSI discrepancy?

    Dealer overfilled the tires. During the process of dialing in to 36 PSI, noticed my external tire gauges read 2 PSI higher than the TPMS. Is this a thing? Which pressure gauge should I go by? External or internal gauge?
  15. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Day 1..sorry for the a**fro:giggle: in pic2. 3/20 Got it ceramic coated this weekend Decided to name it The Lawn Wrangler