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  1. Recalls / TSB / Issues Bulletins for JL Wrangler. Check your JL for recalls.

    The V41 Recall was done on my JLUS, but the "Bulge" on the dampener is NOT facing downward as the bulletin states it "Must" do. Would this cause it to NOT function properly and allow shimmy at 70+moh?
  2. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Hello Everyone, Having same issue on my 2 week old 2018 Sahara, BUT dealership already replaced both batteries (the ESS battery on the day I bought it 2 weeks ago and the Main battery today). The ESS system has never worked in my vehicle, dealer is contacting "Chrysler Engineering" tomorrow AM...
  3. New TeraFlex Delta Brakes are AWESOME!

    Hello Everyone, I was just wondering. Since the Delta brake kit says it will fit both the JKU and JLU, does that mean the other "Big Brake" kit that is listed for the JKU only should fit the JLU as well? I have a brand new big brake kit that never made onto my JKU which has unfortunately just...
  4. Giveaway of the Month - August 2019 - Your Choice of a Frame-Built Front Bumper

    Hello, I would like the 2401, please.