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  1. Uconnect® abolute POS!! Stay away from it...

    I concur -I have (or had )the best available Uconnect option on 4 jeeps in last 10 years. No issues. The 2007 and 2020 Rubicons which I still have - 0 problems.
  2. Any regrets with your JLU purchase?

    Jlu Rubi owner - Wish I’d waited a year and got Hemi (maybe still will) Other than that, unless you have time or enjoy wrenching, I’d suggest buy every option possible, add from there. Factory LEDS/Alpine/cold weather/tech etc.
  3. The great octane debate: 2.0 Turbo owners - What grade gas do you use?

    I use the Pure Gas app while traveling - all Ethanol free for all jeeps, than highest octane available.
  4. Montana SOLD: $75 SmartStop for Jeep JL 2018+

    I have a like new Smart StopStart module for JL's. This thing does exactly as it says, defeats the need to constantly push the Stop/Start button to disengage the feature. (FYI - I removed from my 2020 Rubicon due to purchasing a Z auto...
  5. Check your fuses on new JL deliveries!

    Thanks for tip. Re-seated 42 loose fuses on mg 2020 JLR.
  6. JL Holster Molle Panel

    I just received this molle system from JCR - custom made to fit JL trim. Attaching Bulldog holsters to each side.
  7. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    I have owned 2 SSS units - one plugged into OBDB port and super easy to install/remove (just like an error code reader) the other (new JL) needs to be plugged in and basically stays there. it is a little bit tougher to get to and not really designed to come and out of car like the one for the...
  8. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    2.0 Turbo - without the e-Torque (no way, never) No Ragrets.
  9. Blind Spot detection: is it useless or am I missing something?

    Can confirm - Blind spot on the JL is worthless. Have 2 Grand Cherokees and they work great. I believe it is because of the placement of the sensors - on the JL it is closer to the from of the of the quarter panels and the GC (WK2) their are also on the rear bumpers, which I assume allows it to...
  10. Mopar Extended Warranty or Geico MBI

    Downside to this is that you are locked to an insurance company for coverage for that period of time. Good for them , not for you, as companies can raise their rates t their discretion on the basic coverage. I would prefer to have a portable, non linked contract like Mopar so u can insure...
  11. Montana JLU rubicon take off suspension $350

    SOLD JLU rubicon take off suspension, removed by dealer at point of sale from 4 door, steel bumper assembly. odometer at 62 miles when removed. $350 shipped Continental US.
  12. Florida WTB: Jeep JL Rubicon suspension take offs

    I have Wheels/Tires and suspension kit removed by dealership from a 2020 JL rubicon. let me known if interested.
  13. Regearing for 37s?

    Thanks! Super helpful!
  14. Regearing for 37s?

    Quick question - JL/Turbo/37s/Auto - stays is 7th gear on highway - 70MPH at 2500 RPM. Manual Shift to 8th gear maintains 70-75 MPH, but drops to 2000 RPM. any harm in doing that? or good reason to re-gear from 4.1 to 4.88? (performance is fine, and Catback/Cold Air prob helps a bit too)
  15. Regearing for 37s?

    why the hate? we have every right to mod our jeeps whatever way we want. just because I or you won't run 22s, the OP has a legit question and is asking for info, not a critique.